Sunday, 22 February 2015

Do YOU want to start your own BLOG but don't know how?

This is has been the #1 question that I get in-boxed & emailed about. I really want to start a blog, but don’t know how?
I have recently started assisting those individuals in starting up there blog & realised that I really am enjoying it. Let me just put out there: I am a total creative being and thrive on new ideas and being innovative. I love the fact that an individual can tell me a bit about themselves & what they like and intern I create a blog that best reflects them. The setting up of a blog can be an easy process for some and a daunting thought for others. Well let me say, that the part that I enjoy most is the creative elements & that’s why I really want to assist others whereby there strong point might be writing and not as much the functional and creative part.
Let me put it out there, that this is a personalised service that I’m offering and one-on-one help is offered.
Do YOU want to start your own BLOG but don't know how?
I have created a package which offers personalized service package on how to create and start up your own blog on blogspot.

Package will include:
- Create & Setting up your own Blog
- Assist with creating your blog name and domain
- Tips & Tricks to get your blog up and running
- Assist with creating a blog in your specialized field/niche
- Meet up with you if you’re in the CPT area or provide online support if your outside of CPT
- Assist you with building content & creating an appealing blog
Email me for more details and information to

Also to start it all off, I’ll be giving away 1package to a lucky individual that is interested in starting up their own blog.

All you have to do is go to my Facebook page "like" the page and on the post tell me why you would like to "Win" as easy as that?

Winner will be announced by the end of the week xx

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