Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Essie + Rebbeca Minkoff

 To all the Essie Lovers I’m excited to let you all know about the new GLOBAL COLOR DESIGNER.
Rebecca Minkoff: fashion designer, press darling, NY “it” girl, color addict and obsessied.
Rebecca Minkoff will be coming up with Essie’s colors and inspiration for each season. Dubbed “Flowerista,” her first collection was inspired by the vibrant hues of flowers and fashion photographer Nick Knight’s floral photomanipulations. I was really excited to be able to have tried 2 of the Essie colors.

Lolipop: This colour is by far my favourite; it’s such a vibrant shade of red. I used one coat and the colour immediately looked the perfect shade.

Dj play that song: This colour is really trendy and beautiful on any skin tone. Every stroke of the paint brush, is flawless. Such a great summer option. 
I must say that this has been my first time using an Essie Polish. I know clearly I've been living under a rock! The quality of this polish is out of this world and I loved the fact that it dried almost in an instant. So may I add, my nails have no smudges whatsoever? Trust me, this very rarely happens.

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