Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New products available at AVON

I have become so obsessed with the products at Avon. I literally on a monthly bases cannot wait to see what new products have been launched. What I love even more is that it makes shopping for gifts for my friends and family such less of an hassle and it will definitely not break the bank.
This Bella Sunset named Far Away is such a treat. I have found the perfume that people seem to ask the infamous question "What perfume are wearing?" when walking pass me. 
Perfumes however does not seem to stick well to me or after a couple of hours my perfume seems to fade however not this one. The lotion provides a beautiful soft scent while giving that much needed moisture and I loved the fact that I could display this beautiful bottled perfume at home and carry the smaller spritzer in my purse for any much needed touch ups during the course of the day. This enchanting fragrance bursts with sparkling clementine and night blooming jasmine, swirled with seductive sandalwood for the free spirited glamourous feeling.
Introducing to you the New Ultra Colour indulgence Lipstick. It is enriched with weightless gels free from heavy waxes that delivers incredible intense, velvety colour and relieves dehydration. SPF 15 included & instantly increases moisture by up to four times, leaving lips feeling ultra hydrated.
Check out the for more awesome product that you would love.


  1. I love fragrances that layer well i.e lotion and perfume. This one sounds lovely :)

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  2. I wish I could own one of these fragrances! They are on my wishlist. Those lipsticks are great! I love the colours.