Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dear Deer: Satin Pillow Slips

So can I just say that reviewing this Dear Deer Satin Pillow slips has been something that both my husband and I enjoyed. Which is rare as his not quiet keen on testing and reviewing lipstick shade and nail polishes. So I love the fact that I could even get his take on it. 
Let me jump right in and tell you all how awesome these satin pillow slips are, if you think this is an ordinary pillow slip you are sadly mistaken.
This Dear Deer satin pillow slips
-maintains natural moisture balance in your hair
-Minimizes facial wrinkles & puffiness
Ok so since I've heard that, I've been hooked!
These pillow slips are so soft and silky smooth, trust me I really don't mind sleeping in a bit later. So I had to try them out I don't normally look like this when I sleep obviously ha ha
Recommended use: 8hrs daily for best results.
 So you’re looking for your Dear Deer satin pillow slip fix. It really is such an Amazing product and a really awesome gift idea. “Mom now you know what you’ll be getting for your birthday:) ” These stunning satin pillow slips comes in array of different colours from White, Champagne, Black & Baby Pink and they are R140 a slip & check the below website to get your stash!