Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Gumtree Fashion Challenge- Win R5000

I am so super excited to let you in on this awesome project that I’ll be doing in collaboration with Gumtree, but the thing is that I cannot do it without you! Yes you heard me... I need your help in order for #TeamChanni to excel in this challenge! 

So this is how it works, Gumtree has challenged 3 SA bloggers to create an outfit from items bought off of! I have to purchase a complete outfit and I need to get you to upload items or direct me to your live ads on Gumtree, to complete my look.

Each blogger will share their final outfit and then the competition will really begin. The blogger that gets the most support for their outfit, will win a cash prize of R5000.00 to give to one lucky fan. Sounds easy Right!

Now the thing is I need that lucky ready that WIN’s that R5000.00 cash prize to be an on #TeamChanni so please guys, start uploading your Clothing, Bags, Shoes & Accessories etc. Follow the below guidelines to make sure you upload product I can use to create this outfit #GumtreeFashionChallenge

What size are you?
I am a normal size 10 

What size shoe do you wear?
Size 6

What am I looking for?
I need pretty dresses, beautiful heels, elegant bags & accessories.

So let's get started... Help me create the best outfit! 
Here are some Gumtree links to help you along! 
Fashion browse page
Fashion Accessories

So excited! Let's get started...

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  1. aaah perfect im a size 34 selling all my new tagged clothes in size 34 that is unwanted. Heres my link