Tuesday, 10 March 2015

John Frieda: Love your Locks

 About 2 weeks ago I attended the John Frieda: Love your Locks Media event. It was really just a chilled catch up session where a group of people could chat and talk hair. We arrived and were served a welcoming drink and then got presented these absolutely yummy snacks. The session opened with some talks around styling products, technique and styling tools.
I always thought that it’s all about the products you use to get your desired hairstyle, but soon realized that without great tools & technique the products will end up not working as well as it should. Use the proper tools and you will get even better results with these products.
We were then given a rundown of what hairstyles would suit what face, so this part really intrigued me, as I really could never make out what face shape I was? Until in the session when I discovered that I have an Oval face, which seems to be the lucky options as I was told that I could try different hairstyles as it suited that face shape well. We then got told about tips and tricks regarding blow-drying as well as a little crash course on what heat and chemical dyes actually does to your hair.
 Chemical Dyes & Heat mmm...OK! So that was the part where I was literally sitting with my mouth open and thinking to myself, how come have I become so oblivious to some of these things.
Well, the old trusted birdie that tells you in your head that whatever damage I do to my hair, it will always grow back! Well it is obviously half true; as the growing hair back process can become quite a long and daunting road... mmm yup ask me!

The sessions really did give me quiet a eye opener and it showed me the importance of not only looking after my hair, but also the importance of Loving your Locks.
Big Thanks to John Frieda for this much needed session!


  1. Awesome!
    Agree with you, sometimes we're not using a proper tools and it ended badly :)