Monday, 16 March 2015

Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up store

So on Saturday past I went checked out the much talked about Magnum Pop up pleasure store that were based in Cavendish Mall. I am however using the "word" "were" as the store has officially closed down as of yesterday.
When I arrived at the Magnum Pleasure store, there were a queue of say 60 odd people lining up to make there own unique Magnum and trust me these customers had no problem all waiting for their personalized Magnums. The look and feel of the store was quiet warm and very much had a chocolaty feel xx
We started off with choosing 3 toppings that you wanted to add to your magnum. You could also choose what type of magnum you wanted, example: White chocolate, Classic or Dark Chocolate and then you would get a chocolate drizzle and your complementary little chocolate (M) to finish your magnum.
I must admit this has been quiet an experience and it was so so yummy to say the least. I was literally trying to open my mouth as wide as what I could so that all the yummy goodness would not fall off. It really is so so sad that the pop up store has officially closed down. At-least I will still be bale to get my Magnum late night fix at the closest 7 eleven xx


  1. Hopefully the delicious Red Velvet Magnum will be around for a while yet to make up for the loss of the pop-up shop ;)

  2. I love this icecream
    Lovely pictures

    Love Vikee