Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My week with Ford #Ecosport

Hi Everyone! So last week I was given the awesome opportunity by Ford South Africa to test drive a Ford Ecosport 1.0 Titanium for a whole entire week. Yup so when it arrived last week Wednesday at about 11:30am at work & I was so excited that I could hardly wait to till 4pm to knock off from work to take it for a spin.
· Firstly the colour of the Ecosport was what I really loved; it’s a Mars Red colour which is quite eye-catching and very much appealing to the eye. I was so surprised at how easy this car is to drive. It has all the bells and whistles that we have come to expect from Ford. It has a 1.0L Turbo-charged 3 cylinder EcoBoost engine, which is so cool because as I accelerate you can actually feel the turbo kick in. It’s a 5 speed manual SUV with leather seats, Remote central locking & Fuel consumption of 5.7L/100km
 So during the last week I had the pleasure of driving this Ecosport to and from work each day. But what I really wanted was to test it on the long & open road. So hubby and I packed up and thought we would put this Ford Ecosport to the test and take a drive to the West Coast. We woke up early Saturday morning, packed whatever we needed in very much spacious 362L Boot space, expandable to 705L to be exact and then we hit the road. This Ford Ecosport drove like a dream and when the road became a bit too long to bear I switched over to cruise control and I could sit back and control the speed of the SUV with the buttons on my steering wheel. Mmmm nifty trick...
We then spent the afternoon in Jacobsbaai and even managed to take some dirt & dusty roads with ease.
This Ford Ecosport makes being on social media and chatting to my friends such a breeze, I always seem to run out of battery life on my phone and then have to wait till I get home to recharge, but this SUV has its own build in USB port which I was able to easily charge my phone as I drive. I could even pump up the sound with Ford Audio / CD / MP3 with 6 speakers. Ok! So now you’re asking me what does this SUV not have?  Uhmmm I think they have pretty much thought of everything. I’m talking of electronic air temperature control,  rain sensing wipers, fuel/trip computer & Ford SYNC® with bluetooth and voice control.
This Ford Ecosport is overall really such a pleasure to drive; I’m really not sure how I can go back to driving my old car again, as you can gather I have become quite attached....
For more information, check out their link by clicking here.


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