Thursday, 30 April 2015

MIRA: Konjac Beauty Sponge

So I've been using these Konjac Beauty Sponges for about the past month and I absolutely love it. If you think this is a normal sponge you are very much mistaken as these beauty sponges has so much beauty benefits to it.So let me break it down for you. There are 3 types of sponges the white one is Normal/Sensitive skin, green heart shaped one is for damaged skin and the charcoal colour is for oily skin.
Mira is 100% natural fiber Konjac sponges made from the root of the Konjac plant found in Asia. The sponges cleanses gently , absorbs water easily and is ultra soft. It has moisturising minerals and antioxidants that nourishes the skin, helps clear blackheads, blemishes and acne. The sensitive exfoliating action removes dead cells, excess oil and grim leaving a glowing and clear complexion. 
 So if you’re thinking about getting yourself some Konjac Sponges it’s great for you to also know that its preservatives free, no colouring, no additives and is suitable for all skin types. It promotes blood circulation, naturally deep cleans and moisturizes skin. The best part is if you’re a greenie its 100% biodegradable.
Check out their website: here and also you can follow them on social media: Facebook & Twitter

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dove: I choose beautiful

Can I just start off by saying that I'm absolutely in-love with all the campaigns that Dove has run in the past and even more so with the current one. Dove is launching the Choose Beautiful campaign to encourage women worldwide to reconsider the choices they make about their beauty and how those choices make them feel.
The Dove Choose Beautiful film captures real women in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and Sao Paolo considering about their own beauty. The women made a choice about the way they see themselves: ‘average’ versus the frequently avoided ‘beautiful.’  The film reveals that women often struggle with recognizing their own beauty. “Although the majority of women don’t describe themselves as beautiful, 80% agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful.  It’s time women think differently about this choice,” said Steve Miles, Senior Vice President, Dove.  “Dove Choose Beautiful urges women to embrace this choice, and inwardly challenge our tendency to not ‘choose beautiful’ because when we do it unlocks happiness and confidence that impacts women’s self-esteem.”
How to choose #ChooseBeautiful everyday?
# 1. One Beautiful Thought: “Thoughts become things, choose the beautiful ones.”– Unknown.
# 2. Surround Yourself with Beauty: Our physical surroundings impact the levels of stress that we experience, which in turn impact our well-being and happiness.
# 3. Practice Mindfulness: ‘Don’t believe everything you think’: Question the negative thoughts and let go of thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you.
# 4. Be Kind, Feel Beautiful: Notice and acknowledge the beauty in others at least once a week.
# 5. Exercise Self-Care: 72% of women agree that beauty is not about being born with the most, but about making the most with what you have
# 6. Practice Gratitude: Practicing gratitude is an effective way of overriding our brain’s negativity bias, its biological tendency to always focus and dwell on the negative.
# 7. Self-Compassion: Stop living in expectation of receiving this love from other people only. Take the lead in making yourself feel loved.

So in the light of making you feel special and beautiful Dove has collaborated with my blog to bring you an awesome giveaway!!!
The prize will contain the below:
•Daily Care Shampoo
•Daily Care Conditioner
•Hair Oil – All Types
•White Beauty Bar
•Deeply Nourishing Bodywash
•Instant Hydration Lotion
•Original Aerosol Deodorant
•Branded cosmetic mirror

All you have to do to enter is tell me why you believe you are beautiful & #ChooseBeautiful hashtag and the tag @Dove_ZA easy as that!!!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Outfit: #GumtreeFashionChallenge

Ah this has been one of the most fun fashion challenges that I’ve done. So we were asked by Gumtree to compile an outfit with items that we purchase from Gumtree. I jumped right into it with letting my blog readers know that they need to help me get fashion items as well as load some of their own items to Gumtree.
I bought the jumpsuit I’m wearing from one my lovely blog readers Elize her link: here
The heels and hat I purchased from Donne her link: here
The Kimono & neckpiece was not purchased on Gumtree it’s one of my old pieces.
When I first saw the Jumpsuit posted by Elize and I knew that I absolutely loved it. It has a soft flowing fabric & once I fitted it on I knew I had made the right decision. I then came across the heels and hat post and knew that it would go well together, however I had my reservations with the entire outfit looking completely black but I actually started liking the simplicity of the look. This has been the first time I have ever purchased clothing from Gumtree but after this challenge I will definitely do it again.
Big Thank You to everyone that interacted and posted; now it’s up to the judges to decide if Elize wins the R5000 in cash. In order for her to win, my outfit needs to get the most support.
So in order for Elize to Win I need all of you to support my look.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Foschini: Fashion Friends Shoot

Ah so excited that this day has finally come. I can't contain the excitement any longer. So just to give some of you that havent been following my mysterious messages, early in February myself and all the other Foschini Fashion Friends from all around SA went on awesome 3day shoot for our Foschini Winter ’15 in store campaign. We had to keep all the pictures a secret... up until today as you would now have the opportunity to see them in all Foschini stores NATIONWIDE!
The Foschini #FashionFriendsSA journey has been one of the most exciting opportunities that I've been graced to be a part of and I'm loving every moment thereof. The journey started with a love for fashion and continued with a gathering of the most motivating and inspirational group of woman ive ever met.
So Fashion Friends are Foschini Brand Ambassadors, carefully selected for their love of life, community, fashion and beauty. We are motivated to make a difference. Our passion is to empower confidence and positivity to woman around us.
So this wouldn't be any fun if I didn't throw in a fun competition right?
 So this is how its gonna work. Check out your nearest Foschini store, snap a #selfie of you and my poster in the background and send it to me with the #FashionFriendsSA. You can post the pictures to either my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

I’m planning an awesome mystery prize for my #ChanniChic supporters, trust me you don't want to miss out
In the meantime you can check the awesome behind the scenes video of our shoot and even get to know you Fashion Friends a little bit better.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hair Review: Joico K

Hi All, I literally wrote this post a couple of weeks ago and completely forgot to post it. Things have been crazy on my side, with all the new opportunities coming my's been fun and quiet hectic at the same time so please bare with me...I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

I went to StyleBar a couple of week’s ago to get the much talked about Joico K Treatment. My hair obviously due to the loads of colouring and bleaching has lost some its natural oils and the soft silky feel. The StyleBar ladies recommended that I try this Joico K treatment as it promised to have loads of benefits.

The products that were used on my hair were the below:
Joico K Pak Intense Hydrator

It’s a powerful five-minute reconstructor that rebuilds and strengthens stressed, physically and/or chemically treated hair. Lost or depleted amino acids are replenished with a high concentration of Quadramine Complex for maximum reconstruction and protection from the cuticle to the cortex. With the use of Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for Damaged Hair, weak and damaged hair is restored to its original strength and condition, helping to prevent colour loss and making your hair more responsive to styling. This product can be purchased from Retail Box for R390.

Joico K Pak Reconstructor

This Treatment is great for damaged hair. It will leave your hair shiny, strong, manageable and healthy looking. Apply to your shampooed hair Leave in for 5 minutes Rinse thoroughly.This product can be purchased from Retail Box for R350.

So you all know my hair was definitely not in the greatest condition but after using these products, my hair has become manageable, the look, feel & shine has returned. I have tried various treatments prior, but I did not get the results I wanted until I got this treatment done at Stylebar.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Gumtree Fashion Challenge- Win R5000

I am so super excited to let you in on this awesome project that I’ll be doing in collaboration with Gumtree, but the thing is that I cannot do it without you! Yes you heard me... I need your help in order for #TeamChanni to excel in this challenge! 

So this is how it works, Gumtree has challenged 3 SA bloggers to create an outfit from items bought off of! I have to purchase a complete outfit and I need to get you to upload items or direct me to your live ads on Gumtree, to complete my look.

Each blogger will share their final outfit and then the competition will really begin. The blogger that gets the most support for their outfit, will win a cash prize of R5000.00 to give to one lucky fan. Sounds easy Right!

Now the thing is I need that lucky ready that WIN’s that R5000.00 cash prize to be an on #TeamChanni so please guys, start uploading your Clothing, Bags, Shoes & Accessories etc. Follow the below guidelines to make sure you upload product I can use to create this outfit #GumtreeFashionChallenge

What size are you?
I am a normal size 10 

What size shoe do you wear?
Size 6

What am I looking for?
I need pretty dresses, beautiful heels, elegant bags & accessories.

So let's get started... Help me create the best outfit! 
Here are some Gumtree links to help you along! 
Fashion browse page
Fashion Accessories

So excited! Let's get started...