Monday, 13 April 2015

Foschini: Fashion Friends Shoot

Ah so excited that this day has finally come. I can't contain the excitement any longer. So just to give some of you that havent been following my mysterious messages, early in February myself and all the other Foschini Fashion Friends from all around SA went on awesome 3day shoot for our Foschini Winter ’15 in store campaign. We had to keep all the pictures a secret... up until today as you would now have the opportunity to see them in all Foschini stores NATIONWIDE!
The Foschini #FashionFriendsSA journey has been one of the most exciting opportunities that I've been graced to be a part of and I'm loving every moment thereof. The journey started with a love for fashion and continued with a gathering of the most motivating and inspirational group of woman ive ever met.
So Fashion Friends are Foschini Brand Ambassadors, carefully selected for their love of life, community, fashion and beauty. We are motivated to make a difference. Our passion is to empower confidence and positivity to woman around us.
So this wouldn't be any fun if I didn't throw in a fun competition right?
 So this is how its gonna work. Check out your nearest Foschini store, snap a #selfie of you and my poster in the background and send it to me with the #FashionFriendsSA. You can post the pictures to either my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

I’m planning an awesome mystery prize for my #ChanniChic supporters, trust me you don't want to miss out
In the meantime you can check the awesome behind the scenes video of our shoot and even get to know you Fashion Friends a little bit better.


  1. This looks so amazing! I am so glad that you have been able to experience so many wonderful things.

  2. Awesome in every way, you ladies are gorgeous and had so much fun.wish I was there lol

  3. Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee