Thursday, 28 May 2015

Zomato MeetUp: Cape Milner Hotel

So a couple of weeks ago I attended my very 1st Zomato MeetUp. Yay! But I've only managed to load it now due to me being so busy with exams.  So I was invited to the lovely Cape Milner hotel and was told to come hungry and boi oh boi... I did :) 
We met up at the Glass Lounge and the setting was absolutely beautiful. Some real fine dining if you ask me.
So we started off with a starter which consisted of Truffle, Cheese Croquettes with red pepper, Ostrich Carpaccio with apple, celery,walnuts, Bulgarian yogurt & Tom Yum Soup with prawns, sprout and coconut. Let me say that it was YUM!
We then moved on to the main course which was Butternut Ravioli, Rooibos smoked venison lion & Salmon papillote.
Then for desert, all my absolute favourites were served Passion Fruit creme brulee, chocolate tart with caramelized oranges & Coconut pana cota.
I would really recommend, the Cape Milner Hotel as their food was really good. You can also find other restaurant options when you download the #Zomato app, so easy to use and very helpful!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Land Rover: New Discovery Sport

 So on Thursday past I was given the awesome opportunity to fly to George for a 2 day Launch of the newest addition to the Land Rover family, and the most versatile compact SUV yet - The all-new Discovery Sport. 
So the Discovery Team started by putting all the Media Personal on an adventure to see if they had the Adventure Gene! We were taken to a mountain top and got to choose our favourite Discovery Sport SUV to drive down the mountain & take on a adventurous road trip.
The new Discovery Sport features cutting-edge technology to maximise both 
safety and convenience. New developments include everything from an advanced new infotainment system with 8-inch touchscreen to a pedestrian airbag that minimises the consequences of a collision. Other available driver-assistance technologies include:
• Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS)
• Park Assist
• Automatic High-Beam Assist
• Lane Departure Warning
• Trailer Stability Assist
• Tow Assist & Tow Hitch Assist
• HD Surround Camera System
• Extended satellite navigation system
• Automatic headlamps
• Rain-sensing wipers
• Parking sensors
Designed for life
Discovery Sport is clearly identifiable as a Land Rover but introduces a progressive new design approach specifically tailored to create clear differentiation between the other families within the Land Rover brand architecture: Luxury (Range Rover), Leisure (Discovery) and Dual-Purpose (Defender).
This beautifully proportioned vehicle brings a new sense of dynamism to the Discovery family and projects an image of confidence with its wheel-at-each-corner stance.The fast bonnet line steps down into a rising belt line, creating a distinctively compact profile that belies significant interior space with 5+2 seating. This streamlined design is complemented by class-leading usability: all-round visibility is excellent, whilst the interior and load space are easily accessible and fully optimised.
Discovery Sport’s versatile interior has been designed to be premium, not precious. The centre console forms a strong vertical graphic in the middle of the instrument panel, ensuring key controls are deliberately placed to provide easy access from the Sport’s Command Driving Position. Simple, clean surfaces and high-quality materials feature throughout.
 So on this 2 day launch event we got to do so many awesome adventure things, to not only push the Discovery Sport SUV Land Rover but also you as an individual. The purpose was to see if you had the adventure gene, so we were put to our paces by doing various adventure activities. One of things I got to do was kayaking, I had never done it before but it was such an awesome experience. I wasn’t really great at it, but the challenge was so exhilarating!     
So that very evening we went to watch a presentation of the Discovery Sport at the Showroom in Prince Albert. We had so much fun!
Then next morning myself and few others decided to wake up at 6:30am drive up the mountain to watch the sun come up...It was really an amazing experience as I've never done anything like that before! The view was absolutely breathtaking!
I then also got the opportunity to do a quarter mile race in the Discovery Sport, the trick of the challenge was to drive as fast as you can, and then at a certain point to step on the brakes as hard as you could. This was also to show how stable the SUV is. I felt in complete control and when I drove the Discovery Sport 3 things came to mind Design, Capability and absolute Versatility!
Connected and comfortable handling on the road
Many of the innovations that make Discovery Sport unbeatable off-road are equally key to its responsive handling and composure on-road.
Key highlights include:
• All-new multi-link rear axle
• Variable-ratio, electric power-assisted steering (EPAS)
• Torque Vectoring by Braking (TVB)
• Nine-speed automatic gearbox with adaptive shift strategy
• 325mm front disc brakes with new-generation calipers and pads
  • 5+2 seating versatility in a more compact footprint than traditional five-seat SUVs
  • All-new multi-link axle for peerless on-road agility and off-road ability, plus high levels of refinement and interior space
  • Offers highly efficient nine-speed automatic transmission
  •  Unrivalled all-terrain performance courtesy of optimised approach, departure and breakover angles, including Terrain Response®
  •  Connected on-road handling with optimised electric power-assisted steering and Torque Vectoring by Braking
  • All-new 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with intuitive controls 
Outstanding capability has been at the core of every Land Rover since 1948; Discovery Sport maintains that heritage. It has been engineered to provide best-in-class off-road capability, on-road dynamics, interior packaging, safety innovations and use of intelligent lightweight materials. The result is the most versatile premium compact SUV currently on sale. Engineering innovations include: a lightweight bodyshell with a mix of steel and aluminium; all-new multi-link rear axle; and advanced nine-speed automatic transmission. 
“This is one of the most pivotal new models in our history, as it expands the Discovery family,” said Richard Gouverneur, Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover South Africa and sub-Sahara Africa. “It offers the practicality of 5+2 seating and superb capabilities, in a compact premium SUV package.”
If you want to see more of the specifications on the Land Rover Discovery Sport click below:

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Catrice: Spring/Summer Collection 2015

CATRICE loves Fashion! CATRICE presents the current catwalk trends from around the world and draws inspiration from the creations of the designers. To go with the latest looks from the international fashion hotspots, CATRICE has developed professional beauty products in exciting colours that spread a feeling of pure joy.
The highlights of the Spring/Summer Collection 2015 offer surprising contrasts and diverse looks: in addition to the retro trio of black-white-red and sparkling gold, soft nude nuances combined with intensive coral are among the must-haves of the season.
Catrice has always been a brand that I enjoy using but with the new collection i'm even more chuffed about the quality of there polish, shades in there eyeshadows and the staying power of their coverstick and matte mouse. With this particular collection they have made it easy to create a cat walk look with a few simple products. How easier can it get?
Out of all the Catrice products that I have used I want to let you know my 
Top 3 items:
1. Made To Stay Inside Khol Kajal Eyeliner
I was so impressed when I used this eyeliner for the first time, It was the solid black colour that I love in a eyeliner, was soft and glided across my eye without the smudge. I could even create a cat eye with the liner which I was really stoked about as I usually have to use a liquid liner. This is like 2 products in 1.
2.Ultimate Nail Lacquar
This polish is amazing! The coverage, the shine and the staying power has made me an instant lover. I even Instagram' a picture a couple of days ago and it was still chip free.Yup doesn't happen often.
3. Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette
I don't think I need to say much about this palette as it's quite clear at the beautiful shades this palette carries. I used this eyeshadow over the weekend and it created that pretty rosey look, which is soft and simplistic. A total Winner if you ask me.
I would definitely recommend that you give these products a go, I promise you will not be disappointed! 
You can Thank Me later xx 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Gumtree Price Check Tool

I have previous done a few write ups about the new useful tools that Gumtree has added to their site. If you haven't seen the last post that I did about the nifty Property Price Checker tool, you can click here to view that post! But right now I want to tell you about yet another awesome tool that Gumtree has launched called 
"The Phone Price Checker"
 So this tool is quiet nifty when your looking to buy a phone on Gumtree or even trying to sell a phone. The tool is so easy to use, all you have to do is add in the manufacturer or type of phone & model, then simply click Find prices. It would immediately show you the price range that your phone can be sold at. Voila!
For the below example I have used an Apple Iphone 6.
What makes this tool even cooler is that you can see below a sliding bar/scale, which estimates a good price at which you can decide to sell. The sliding bar also estimates at which price your item would sell faster or slower. So for instance it gives you an indication that by maybe dropping your price by a mere R100 it could get more people viewing your ad and even more urgent buyers calling you up, to make that sale. Note that even if you are wanting to buy Gumtree will even tell you the amount of ads that are live for the phone you are searching. See the below info I received when searching for an Iphone 6:

R 8,774.96

"The average price of a used Apple iPhone 6 on Gumtree is R 8,774.96. If you price your Apple iPhone 6 lower than this, you will sell fast, if you price higher, it will sell slower. There are 1,519 Apple iPhone 6's for sale on Gumtree."
I'm loving all these new tools Gumtree is creating in order to help me make informed decisions when buying and selling my items.
The Iphone 6 option has merely been used as an example to illustrate how the tool can be used. If you want to go ahead and check out how much your phone could be worth, see below link: