Sunday, 3 May 2015

Gumtree Price Check Tool

I have previous done a few write ups about the new useful tools that Gumtree has added to their site. If you haven't seen the last post that I did about the nifty Property Price Checker tool, you can click here to view that post! But right now I want to tell you about yet another awesome tool that Gumtree has launched called 
"The Phone Price Checker"
 So this tool is quiet nifty when your looking to buy a phone on Gumtree or even trying to sell a phone. The tool is so easy to use, all you have to do is add in the manufacturer or type of phone & model, then simply click Find prices. It would immediately show you the price range that your phone can be sold at. Voila!
For the below example I have used an Apple Iphone 6.
What makes this tool even cooler is that you can see below a sliding bar/scale, which estimates a good price at which you can decide to sell. The sliding bar also estimates at which price your item would sell faster or slower. So for instance it gives you an indication that by maybe dropping your price by a mere R100 it could get more people viewing your ad and even more urgent buyers calling you up, to make that sale. Note that even if you are wanting to buy Gumtree will even tell you the amount of ads that are live for the phone you are searching. See the below info I received when searching for an Iphone 6:

R 8,774.96

"The average price of a used Apple iPhone 6 on Gumtree is R 8,774.96. If you price your Apple iPhone 6 lower than this, you will sell fast, if you price higher, it will sell slower. There are 1,519 Apple iPhone 6's for sale on Gumtree."
I'm loving all these new tools Gumtree is creating in order to help me make informed decisions when buying and selling my items.
The Iphone 6 option has merely been used as an example to illustrate how the tool can be used. If you want to go ahead and check out how much your phone could be worth, see below link: 

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