Monday, 1 June 2015

Footgear Boots for Winter

So I always tend to find winter to be quiet a tricky season for me, as I tend to dress for comfort and warmth. But I thought that this time around I would mix it up a bit.
The weather in Cape Town over the past weekend was so cold, windy and rainy. So I opted to pair all my outfits around my comfy Viva boots from Footgear. Viva is a new boot range that has launched at Footgear. I must say there is a nice variety to trendy boots to choose from and I had so much fun in store, trying them on with the help of the friendly staff and then ultimately choosing a pair that I loved.
So I chose a chocolate brown viva boot and I loved the fact that I could pair it with almost everything I chose to wear. In the picture it looked like quiet a warm and sunny day, but don't be fooled it was freezing! I paired it the boots with a high waist-ed skirt and biker jacket.
 On a another occasion I opted to wear the same boots with my favourite pair of PU tights and another biker jacket. These boots are really so easy to mix and match with any outfit.
Check out your closest Footgear for awesome boot options.

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