Thursday, 11 June 2015

Living in my twenties, things I’ve learnt along the way!

So I turned 25 in April, and thought it would be fun the kind of reflect and do a little post about what I've learnt on this journey. We tend to fast forward through life, waiting for the next big thing to happen and in the process we forget that time is passing and we actually just need to breathe and enjoy the moment.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but that’s okay!
There are so many things that we set out for ourselves to achieve by a certain age and there are so many things that we want to do and accomplish. But life doesn’t always go our way & that’s fine with me because in the end it works out better that what you could have ever expected. I love the saying: while we plan our life, God is laughing. Things happen for a reason!
I want to experience things & make my own mistakes!
I’ve heard this saying far too many times, to count. I completely understand the concept that we all want to experience new things. But my argument has always been why make the same mistakes as some-else? Can’t we learn from others mistakes and move forward. In my teens this saying was always used in my peer groups to start conversation that we all knew were bound to end badly i.e. Like Ill date that guy even though I know his bad for me, I’ll make my own mistakes or I want to try smoking, I know it’s bad but I want to experience it for myself. But down the line, you would be wishing that you learned from others and given it a pass. We don’t all need to make the same mistakes, why don't we just learn from one another.
Ill probably sound like my mom soon!
As a teen I always felt that my mom was trying to ruin ever ounce of fun I was having, from having a curfew to having to clean my room and do dishes even scanning and giving me advice on the type of guys I ought to date. Now couple of years down the line, I’m married and am running a household of my own and I find myself saying things my mom use to say... Now I’ve come to realize that she was just looking out for my best interest in a way that she knew best. I’ll probably share the same sayings and have similar rules when I have kids, at least in the end ill know that they’ll understand. Some way down the line my mom was always right.
You will gain friends and loose friends!
In my teens losing a friend felt like my whole world would come to a standstill and crumble. But now I’ve come to learn & realise that there will be friends that comes and stays in your life and some that comes and goes. Friendship is a selfless game, sometimes you consider your friend over yourself & sometimes your friend has to except that you can too be a bit selfish. But that should not define the friendship, the support is what matters. I must say I’ve got a few close friends & we work around each other’s schedules, and after maybe not seeing each other for a few weeks the next meeting is just a little bit sweeter. 
Family is important!
My family means the world to me; they are my biggest supporters and also the people who I can turn to no matter what. My family is the people I can completely be who I am with, and not for a second think that I would be judged. A lot of people I meet automatically think that I am an only child, I don’t know what make them think that :) I am actually a middle child & a aunt to these 2 gorgeous babies. 
The things you can do, that your future self will Thank You for!
1) Family is important, don’t neglect them.
2) Don’t go with the crowd, do what you think is best for you. If you don’t agree with it, don’t do it.
3) Create good habits every day. Decide today to be your best self.
4) Treat people the way you want to be treated.
5) Don’t stop learning, make it part of your day
6) Let go of hate and anger, the person you have anger towards probably don't care how you feel.
7) Agree to invest in yourself. The occasional massage and down time, could do good. Never feel you don't deserve it. 
This has been my first post of this kind. If you would like to read more of these type of posts, let me know.

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  1. I love that you did this - and shared some of your wisdom. I have definitely experienced these things as well. Especially when it comes to gaining new friends and saying goodbye to old ones.