Monday, 15 June 2015

My 5 favourite app’s on my Iphone right now...

I always find friends asking how I edit my pictures or what apps I’ve been using. So thought I’ll give you a sneak peak onto my phone to show you a few of my favourite apps. The below 5 of my most used apps on my phone.
(Actual screenshots included) 
Gumtree App
So without any doubt this obviously would be on my favourites list. I am huge Gumtree fan. I love a good deal or bargain & what better place to search for them than on Gumtree. I use to sit for hours on my Laptop searching looking for whether it may be textbooks, games, or even great furniture pieces at a fraction of the cost. That was until I heard about the gumtree app, it makes scrolling through the various categories so much easier.
All you have to do is download the app, sign up and you can customize the the app to see the areas closest to you. I love searching and scrolling through the "Home & Garden" section as I find antiques pieces something rather exquisite.This app is so easy to navigate.
I have this thing where I search and scroll Gumtree for properties, even though i'm not planning on purchasing a new home anything soon, I cant help but scroll through the various homes just to see what is available and on the market. Who knew searching for your dream home could be so easy...
Click here for the Google Play store Gumtree link or here for the apple store Gumtree link!

Zomato App
Yes, I love food & Yes, eating out and finding awesome new restaurant in and around Cape Town is on top of my list. This awesome Zomato App makes it so much easier to find your favourite spot. I love the way this app greets me by name... me have we met before? It's so cool though.You can select whether your looking for breakfast cafes, a spot for lunch even a fancy, pansy restaurant for supper. Its all available at a click of a button. They even rate the restaurant so that you know what to expect... hows that for service!

Insta-Collage App
Yes, as much I love taking a #selfie, creating beautiful collages is another love of mine. Whenever I feel a need to put a bunch of pretty pictures together, I would use this app. Besides the annoying ad pop ups at the top bar, the variety of collages makes the app a great option. It's really worth the try.

Photoshop App
This is all time favorite photo editor. All the pictures that you would see on my blog or my various social media platforms  would usually get filtered through this app. I love a crisp, brightened picture this app makes my pictures 10x better than what it actually is. It smoothes the skin & even removes zits and blemishes.Yup this app is my BFF.

Ster-Kinekor App
So hubby and I love watching movies, we  go quite often and I use this app to check if a new movie is showing yet or what the time scheduled is for a movie to start, I can even pre-book tickets and seats simply by using this app.
Let me know what your favourite app is, would love to check it out.


  1. I also like the SterKinekor app. I am especially crazy over the Checkers app - because I love coupons and I'm cheap like that

  2. Lovely Post

    Love Vikee