Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Review: Florma Cosmetics

You have probably already heard of the cosmetic beauty brand called Florma by now, and if you haven't, then where have you been?
Florma Cosmetics arrived in South Africa a good couple of months ago and after all the love and great reviews they've been receiving from the social media sphere I needed to jump in on all the fun. I was theninvited to check out the Florma Beauty Bar and was taken through the entire range by their senior make up artist. It ranged from personal care products, nail polish range, make up accessory range and the best of all their extensive make up range.
Eye shadow Quartet in code 411 – R149
So after literally testing almost all the products at the beauty bar I managed to take these 3 products home with me. After using the Quintet palette eye shadow I knew this was gonna be one of favourites, there's just something about a deep purple smokey eye that I love. The colour payoff is amazing, as the colour that you see in the palette is the colour that transfers onto your eyelid. The Mascara is really great value, I love the fact that it make my lashes fuller and so so much darker & even after applying more than one layer it wasn't clumpy at all.. 
Precious Curl Mascara – R299
This matte Nail polish is really the ultimate, It dries quick and evenly. The matte colour is consistent and this matifiying laquer gives your nails a modern, unique matte finish.
MATTE NAIL ENAMEL – in M11 – True Purple – R49
If you’re interested in trying Flormar Cosmetics there are 2 beauty bars, one in Kenilworth Centre and one in Blue Route Mall, or have a look at their website.
 you can get in-touch by following them on Instagram @flormarsa

Monday, 27 July 2015

Back to the Basics

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I can’t really say why that is? I really can’t even say that I was busy... because I wasn’t. I wasn’t busy studying for some big exam or working on some massive project. I was really just having some down time busy “procrastinating”! I’m sure you have experienced this before, you have your entire day planned out to the “T” and then end up staying in bed watching series. Yup that has been me for the past couple of weeks. Winter has me in complete hibernation & nesting mode I’ve been feeling so un-inspired and exhausted to say the least...
But guess what Right now I’m actually so tired or being tired! So yesterday after having a major pep talk from hubby... I’m dusting myself off and getting back into action mode!
This morning I woke up feeling motivated and so so inspired... 
ah I’ve missed this feeling so much!
Enough about me, back to work... 
The “slit trend” is fast becoming one of the hottest key items this season. It really makes any outfit pop without much effort.
These slit tops come in array of styles from side slits to front slits even back slits... ooh that sounds weird! Women of different shapes and sizes are becoming more confident and less afraid of showing off their bodies. This is why you should definitely be having your eye on this trend.
Outfit Details:
Slit Top: Foschini
Hat: Foschini
Leggings: Mr Price
Boots: Fashion Express
Photographer: Brandon Louw

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Typo - Vintage Diner in July

Typo goes Retro this July and has shared with us their amazing Vintage Diner July imagery and gifting ideas. I thought ill share these images with you so that you know what to expect in Typo for the month of July.
I will definitely be getting me a few of those pretty sip cups xx

Thursday, 9 July 2015

DIY Auto Maintenance Tips: How to check your oil?

I was super excited when I saw that Gumtree actually has a DIY maintenance help portal. Simply because it allows me as a woman to be inform and know exactly what to do when my car needs some extra TLC. The Auto help portal has tons of helpful information about the mere basic things that a woman or men for that matter should be able to identify in her/his car such as “How to check tyre pressure?”Or even “how to check your oil”?
 So my husband is a Qualified Motor Mechanic and he usually checks my car and ensures that everything is working as it should, but I’m not going to lie there are some times where I wish I kind of knew how to do the basic things myself and identify an issue before it becomes a major problem. Let me tell you a little story that actually happened to me not too long ago. On a Friday night my girl friends and I had decided to go out and paint the town red. I picked up a few of my friends with my car and as we were driving out of the blue a “red light” started flickering on my dash that I’ve never seen before. It flickered and after a few minutes it actually went off. I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, so I decided not call my husband and ask what the light meant but decided to continue on our evening’s excursion. We had a lovely supper and I dropped each girl off again and as I drove home the light came back on again.

I was far from a garage and closer to home so I just continued to drive on. I got home and told my husband what had happened and immediately he told me, are you sure it wasn’t the oil light? I just shrugged my arms up and replied I don’t know?

Hubby checked my car the morning after and advised that I had actually driven my car without any oil & it had caused major damage to my engine. My entire engine had to be redone and needless to say I was without a car for about 3 months and my pockets were empty ($) Ka-ching!. I would have saved myself a lot of hassle & money if I had known how to check my oil?

On this Gumtree Auto Help Portal it shows you step by step what you need to know on array of different motoring topics from the most basic to the most intricate questions, Ill share the article I should have read a
How to check your oil:The engine of a car contains many moving parts, all of which require lubrication to work as they should. Without the proper amount of lubrication, the parts rub together causing friction, which eventually leads to wear. Motor oil provides the engine with the lubrication it needs to keep all components operating smoothly. It also keeps the engine clean, free from dirt build-up and prevents overheating. Checking the motor oil on a regular basis ensures the engine continues running at an optimal level and that you get the most out of the vehicle. With a few tips, checking a car's oil is quick and easy, even if you are not an experienced mechanic.

 Locate the Dipstick:Before beginning, park the vehicle in a spot where it is sitting on level ground and make sure that the engine is cold. Checking the oil when the car is hot can result in serious burns. With the engine off, open the bonnet and make sure it is securely propped open. Locate the oil dipstick. This is often marked with a bright-coloured handle.

Read the Dipstick: Taking a rag or cloth, wipe any oil off the end of the dipstick. Put the dipstick back into the engine completely. Pull it back out and look at both sides to determine where the oil level is. All dipsticks have some type of indicator such as "min", "max", "L", "H" or "Add." If you are uncertain about what your exact dipstick indicates, refer to your vehicle's owner's manual.
Avoid Overfilling: If the level is at the right spot on the dipstick, avoid adding more oil. Overfilling the engine can cause damage if the oil begins to seep out into other parts. If the oil looks clean, you can insert the dipstick, make sure it is tight and close the bonnet.

Learn Oil Types: If the level is below the minimum mark, add oil. To add oil, use the grade recommended for your vehicle. Vehicle manufacturer's often recommend a range of viscosities that work for the exact vehicle. This information is located in the owner's manual. There are also different types and learning a bit about these oils comes in handy when you have to top off your vehicle. Conventional motor oil comes from crude oil and it is made with petroleum products. This type is suitable for older cars, or ones that have frequent oil changes as it breaks down quicker than the other types. Synthetic motor oil contains a synthetic base and other manmade chemicals. This type is usually recommended for high-tech engines, but it can extend the life of any engine since it offers longer-lasting performance. A synthetic blend is also available and this is made up of both natural and manmade materials. Synthetic blends are designed for engines under heavy loads, or ones that tend to run in high-temperature areas. Another option is a high-mileage oil, which contains seal conditioners. High-mileage oil is beneficial to vehicles that have been driven a great deal.

Add Oil: If the level of oil is severely low, avoid driving the vehicle until you can add more. Driving on dangerously low levels can cause irreversible engine damage. When adding motor oil, it should be done slowly to prevent overfilling. Remove the filler cap from the top of the engine and add a half a litre using a funnel to prevent spills. Wait a few minutes and check the dipstick again. If the level is still below the minimum indicator, add another half of a litre. Continue doing this until the level is accurate. After the dipstick shows that the oil is at the correct level, place the filler cap back on making sure you tighten it to prevent it from coming off or loose.

Changing the Oil: Unless the car is burning or leaking oil, it is unusual for a car to need the oil refilled on a regular basis. This does not mean that you should not check it regularly. If you find yourself constantly topping the oil off, have the car looked at by an experienced mechanic to determine the issue. Along with checking it on a regular basis, many manufacturer recommend oil changes every 8 000 km to 10 000 km. If the oil appears dirty or contaminated, a change is needed sooner.
Healthy Oil: When checking the oil, it should be a dark brown or black colour. If it is not, this indicates a potential problem. Oil that has a light or milky appearance can have coolant mixed in. This often results from the coolant leaking directly into the engine. If not repaired, this can cause severe engine damage. If the oil appears to have metal particles in it, this can be a sign that there is internal engine damage.

Since oil is an essential part of maintaining the engine, checking it periodically is vital. While there is not set schedule for checking the oil, you should do it more frequently on older vehicles. Doing a proper check just takes minutes and does not require the use of any tools. Checking the oil and maintaining a proper level can keep the engine healthy and extend the life of it.
For more topics and other helping auto tips click here: Gumtree DIY Maintenace

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Nail Tutorial: Avon Gel finish

When it comes to painting my nails, i'm rather a plan Jane type of person. I go for a bright colour and that's about it. I often see all these fancy nail arts and people experimenting with different prints and stamps. However that's far to advance for me. When I received a thin fan brush from Avon I had absolutely no idea what it's suppose to be used for until I googled it and saw everyone doing these brush prints on their nails. So I thought I would go ahead and give it a try! 
 So I started off by painting a base coat of the Nude Avon Gel finish polish, I used 2 coats and the finish of this polish is so shinny and even.
 I waited to the Nude Avon Gel finish polish to dry completely. I then dipped my fan brush into the Purple Avon Gel finish polish and roughly brushed it across the nail. You can clean up around the nail with the nail polish remover and a cotton bud if you have painted onto your skin.
 You can try it with various colour, just make sure that the base colour is lighter than the colour you use ontop. So that it would stand out.
 So if you want to try something different when it comes to nail art & want to make it stand out this is a great way to do it. The fan tool can be purchased at AVON.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Shopping with #FashionFriendsSA winner!

Hi All, so yesterday I was super excited to go and shop at Foschini with the #FashionFriendsSa winner. Myself and Ayesha had such an awesome time browsing the store, chatting & looking for the perfect items for her.
{Ofcourse a dressing-room #selfie is in-order!}
 After going through various items, Ayesha however mentioned that she loved the dress I wore on the #FashionFriendsSa shoot and that she wanted to try it on herself. Off we went in search of that particular dress and as soon as she tried it on, it was a perfect fit!
She grabbed a few more items, a stunning grey cardi and these awesome maroon boots. All in all it was a really fun shopping experience.
Thanks so much Ayesha for joining me! Would love to do this again...