Monday, 27 July 2015

Back to the Basics

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I can’t really say why that is? I really can’t even say that I was busy... because I wasn’t. I wasn’t busy studying for some big exam or working on some massive project. I was really just having some down time busy “procrastinating”! I’m sure you have experienced this before, you have your entire day planned out to the “T” and then end up staying in bed watching series. Yup that has been me for the past couple of weeks. Winter has me in complete hibernation & nesting mode I’ve been feeling so un-inspired and exhausted to say the least...
But guess what Right now I’m actually so tired or being tired! So yesterday after having a major pep talk from hubby... I’m dusting myself off and getting back into action mode!
This morning I woke up feeling motivated and so so inspired... 
ah I’ve missed this feeling so much!
Enough about me, back to work... 
The “slit trend” is fast becoming one of the hottest key items this season. It really makes any outfit pop without much effort.
These slit tops come in array of styles from side slits to front slits even back slits... ooh that sounds weird! Women of different shapes and sizes are becoming more confident and less afraid of showing off their bodies. This is why you should definitely be having your eye on this trend.
Outfit Details:
Slit Top: Foschini
Hat: Foschini
Leggings: Mr Price
Boots: Fashion Express
Photographer: Brandon Louw

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