Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Review: Avon Nutra Effect

 I’ve reviewed "Nutra Effect" a little more than a month ago & I cannot wait to tell you all about this new products from Avon. After trying and testing it for myself some of these products has found a firm spot among a few of my favourites. We as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients in our personal care products. 
More consumers are choosing to make healthy choices, and when it comes skin care, women are interested in products that will enhance their natural beauty. In addition, we are more careful about the products that we use on our face and prefer products that are suitable for sensitive skin.
About the range:
Taking care of your skin starts with preparation. Nutra Effects offers a universal Self Foaming Cleanser and Mattifying 
Toner – suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skins). The gentle formulations (enhanced with the power of cleansing berries) are soap free & pH friendly, designed to deep cleanse skin, removing make-up, dirt and oil without stripping or drying out your skin. 
These cleansers can be paired with any of the Nutra Effects moisturisers.
The initial platforms on offer are as follows:
Balance Range: 
Perfect for Combination Skin types or Oily Skin Enhanced with the power of chia seeds and mineral mattifying powders, these moisturisers deliver nutrients to your skin, whilst mattifying shine-prone areas.
Radiance Range:
Suitable for all skin types. Enhanced with the power of bird of paradise seeds, to deliver radiant, more even-toned skin within just 3 weeks.
Ageless Range:
Suitable for all skin types. Enhanced with the power of pomegranate seeds, these moisturisers are designed to boost the production of skin’s collagen**. Leaving skin looking firmer, smoother, and more youthful.
While creating Avon Nutra Effects, Avon scientists came up with the unique idea of harnessing the nutrients from seeds. The seed is nature’s most powerful creation: potent, compact, nutrient-rich - the source of life itself. Avon scientists followed a rigorous process to identify seeds that are beneficial for skin’s beauty and created – Active Seed Complex. This is a combination of seed extracts plus an essential antioxidant and vitamins. Formulas with Active Seed Complex work across multiple skin layers for skin benefits that our consumer can feel and see. Additionally, our formulas are also suitable for sensitive skin, 100% allergy tested and free of parabens & dyes.
See Avon website: here


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