Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fabiani On The Road SS/15 Collection

So on Thursday 10th September Fabiani, SA’s leading luxury menswear brand, hosted their eagerly awaited Spring/Summer 2015 event in partnership with Chivas at Crossley & Webb, Cape Town’s destination of choice for classic and collectible cars.  
Fashion Producer Deon Redman and the Fabiani team worked their magic to create a fashion experience that few will forget. Striking male models entered the venue in a blaze of head turning glory before entering a glassed box, used for storing collectable cars, posing as they were raised on a platform above the crowd. Guests assumed the role of fashion photographers – forming a paparazzi style crowd around the installation. Models later broke up into groups and gathered around the various cars to create live fashion installations that allowed guests view the collection up close.  
Soft tailoring, clean lines and hues of ocean blue effortlessly blend modern trends with iconic classics. The Fabiani woolstretch suit stars in navy and black while other suiting takes on a lighter form in beige or white for a quintessential European look. A premium stretch denim capsule collection offers a range of slim fit styles in classic 5 pocket designs.
Fabiani pop up shop offering a carefully curated selection of product from pocket squares and Happy Socks to signature Fabiani polo’s and branded caps, went down a treat, with guests shopping late into the night.
This season Fabiani launches the sophisticated sneaker in an array of colour combinations. The winning collection in full grain leather compliments both classic tailoring and casual streetwear, falling in line with international footwear trends. A wide collection of formal shoes in calf leather offers a range of styles for the modern man. Finish the look with one of Fabiani’s key accessory pieces including branded caps, pocket hankies, bracelets, eyewear, knitted ties or socks. 
Be seen in Fabiani, On the Road this Spring/Summer 2015... Ciao!
The Fabiani Collection is exclusively available at Fabiani stores.
For more information, visit

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Get your summer body ready: BODY BENEFITS

 I was so excited when I received this press drop from Body Benefits. I'm sure we all wanna look our best for the coming of summer & any extra help that I can get I'm definitely taking. Did you know that to woman aged between 18-34 Body Benefits is proven to reveal a cleaner, softer & younger looking skin!
 The Dual-Sided Bath Mitt is amazing, Side one creates a fine lather, while side two provides stimulating exfoliation for clean, smooth skin (R84,99) The 4-in-1 Foot Wand can be used after a bath or shower while skin is softened  (R39,99) & The Exfoliating Facial Sponge is great for washing away the day’s dirt, oil, and makeup (R18,99)
 Body Benefits offers fresh and exciting products for your daily bath and body routine. The comprehensive collection of cleansing essentials elevates your bath and shower experience, with convenient solutions to pamper yourself for softer, gentler, younger looking skin. Also the 2-in-1 Bath Sponge has a Dual texture for cleansing and exfoliation for only R42,99
Body Benefits is available at selected, Game, Pick n Pay and Spar stores

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Art of Pairing J.C. Le Roux at Taste of Joburg

Seasoned chef Martin Kobald brings you a feast of the senses with an array of exquisite nibbles, perfectly paired with the elegant J.C. Le Roux 
Méthode Cap Classique at this year’s Taste of Joburg, held from 24 – 27 September. Austrian born Kobald, Honorary President of the South African Chefs Association, will present four bespoke pairings that will each bring out the unique flavour profile of J.C. Le Roux La Vallée
La Vallée Rosé, Brut and the signature Cap Classique, Scintilla 2008. Boasting creamy buttery tones, the palate pleasing demi-sec La Vallée will be paired with a Thai inspired chicken salad in a crisp wonton cup. A pairing the chef thoughtfully selected to enhance the irresistible flavours of lemongrass, coconut and coriander. For the blushing La Vallée Rosé with its hint of sweetness, Kobald created a local favourite of Cape Malay beef curry bunny chow topped with fruity mango chutney. “As the curry spices tantalise your taste buds, the mango chutney and fruit tones of La Vallée Rosé leave a sensation of sweetness in your mouth resulting in the perfect bite!” he enthuses.
Not to be missed is the delicate terrine of smoked line fish with green asparagus and remoulade that melds seamlessly with the Brut’s crisp and refreshing Pinot noir. J.C. Le Roux’s signature Cap Classique, Scintilla 2008, has been expertly paired with delectable whole-wheat ravioli filled with wild mushroom and cheese, with grilled courgette and artichoke. Each J.C. Le Roux Cap Classique is crafted in the time-honoured French tradition whereby the delicate bubbles are created and captured in every bottle during a process of secondary fermentation. South African bubblies made in this way are known as Méthode Cap Classique, as only the French version may be called champagne.
No stranger to the international culinary field, Kobald is currently the Global Chairman for the World Chefs Without Boarders, as well as the figurehead for his own personal brand, ChefMLK. He recently received international accreditation from City & Guilds in London to train inspiring cooks to become professional chefs, with the first intake of students for the eight month 
Certificate Course starting in March 2015 and again in July 2015.

Part of his busy schedule is his role as convener of the Bidvest World Chefs Tour Against Hunger which, together with over 260 chefs from 45 countries, raised over R8 million in aid of feeding over 5 000 children daily for up to five years. Fans of foodie television will also recognize him from kykNET’s Bring & Braai and Chopped SA on DSTV. 

The annual Taste of Joburg at the Monte Casino Outdoor Event Area offers food lovers absolute gourmet pleasure, representing the best of South African producers. Tickets are available from R80, visit or

Stay up to date with all the latest news from J.C. Le Roux by visiting and Be part of the conversation and follow @JCLeRoux on 

Twitter and @HOUSEOFJCLEROUX on Instagram.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Gumtree: How much is my laptop worth?

 So with technology constantly changing and upgrading. We are constantly in the need of wanting to have the latest products on the market with the newest features. But what if I can tell you that Gumtree has an Laptop price checker app, that can tell you what your current laptop is worth, before you go out checking for an upgrade?
I've been looking to buy a newer laptop but selling my old laptop has really never been an option for me. My laptop is still in good working condition and I believe that If I had to sell it, the buyer would still be able to enjoy quite a few years of good value out of it. So when I got around to checking out the worth of my laptop, I found the app to be really useful. All you have to do is literally just enter in the manufactured brand and the model. Instantaneously the price appeared. Selling my laptop never seemed this easy. The price slider even shows that if I have to knock a few extra rands from the selling price the chances are that my laptop could in essence sell much faster and vice versa.
See below for a few examples:
You will see, that the Gumtree Laptop price checker's app is not only easy to check the worth of your laptop, but also great for finding other laptop forsale ads on gumtree. So before you go out to either sell or buy a laptop make sure you get you laptops worth by checking it here first:

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Gumtree: What sort of housemate are you?

Sharing a house or digs is all the rage lately, especially for students and young professionals. There are endless positives to having roommates, like split bills, more affordable rent, a bigger property, safety in numbers and of course, making friends. Even though I've never personally had a roomy, the thought of it is rather intriguing, the fun of having someone to watch an occasional movie with or even just a late night chatter with, seems to be a great benefit.
But where can you find the perfect house share for you at the click of a button? Gumtree. With Gumtree giving you the ability to choose your desired location, rental, preferred gender, and number of bathrooms, soon you’ll be living up the perks of sharing. You can refine your search even further by selecting whether or not you’re a smoker. With such a customized search, you’re bound to find the perfect house share. 

With all our experience in finding the perfect places to live for all types of people, we’ve noticed a thing or two about housemates. Like everything in life, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. What sort of housemate are you? Check out the infographic below to find out if you’re one of the eight most likely people you’ll meet in a house share – or maybe you’re more like the four interesting and proudly South African housemates that follow.

The Daddy’s Girl / Momma’s Boy
The Daddy’s Girl or Momma’s boy is constantly on the phone to their parents. They’re never broke and they’re always willing to treat you and your fellow housemates to a delicious meal bought with love using their fully-loaded Woolworths card.
They may be quite emotional, but they’re also quite reliable and always willing to help. The best thing about a daddy’s girl/ momma’s boy is that they genuinely care about how your day was (or at least, their parents do).
One note:  some of the Daddy’s Girl/Momma’s Boy housemate species also have several traits found in The Other Half, The Borrowing One, and The Posh One found on the infographic below.
The Animal Rescuer
The Animal Rescuer is always saving animals, small or big. They’re constantly sharing posts on Facebook about animals in need of homes, and they pull over wildly anytime they see an animal without an owner within five metres.  When there’s a spider in the house, do they squash them? Of course not. They take pains – sometimes literally – to catch and release the adorable arachnid back into the wild, no harm done.
Although what this person brings home next is completely unpredictable and you may end up with a menagerie of animals in need, The Animal Rescuer makes you feel good just knowing that people like them exist, and they give you hope for a better tomorrow. This do-gooder may be the lazy one around the house, but they’re saving the world one animal at a time.
The Parental Figure
A loving bordering on lethal combination of The Very Tidy One and The Ghost Writer, The Parental Figure is the boss of bosses! Never mind chatting to parents on the phone – the housemate is the parent.
When you need advice, when you’re in a pickle, when all of your friends are too immature to deal, this person will be your knight in shining armour. OK, yes, some of the advice is unsolicited. Of course it is – after all, they’re apparently a ‘parent’. But they take out the trash, do the dishes, and make sure everyone holds their own when it comes to running a clean and tidy home. Although they totally get on your nerves sometimes, without them it’s likely everything will fall apart. Like parents.
The Loud One
The Loud One is a party wrapped up in one, brightly-dressed package. Combining traits of The Borrowing One and The Musical One, this species often is a whole lot of things in one – and at once. They always know where the coolest happenings are happening, and they’ll never turn you down when you’re looking for some fun. No matter what you feel like doing, this person will be keen to join in and liven it up even more.
Although you may not feel like a party at 8 AM on a Sunday morning, the amount of fun you had the night before was totally worth it. And hey, don’t forget about all the quiet time you get at night when this person is out on the town.
 With all the above info I would probably have to classify myself as the Lazy one. Mmm... I do a good slob while watching series at crazy hours & my room definitely does hide plates and bowls :)
Take the test with your friend and see what kind of housemate they will be?

Monday, 7 September 2015

Review: Essie Nail Polish

 So recently I've become obsessed with the below 2 shades from the Essie Winter 2015 Collection range, I know it's spring but I find these shades still so relevant. I've been mixing and matching shades but they are by far my favourite. Just thought ill share a few pretty pictures with you xx
 The dark pinkish/red shade is called double breasted jacket
The goldish shade is called  jiggle hi jiggle low
Which shade is your favourite, let me know?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Review: Creamtree

So we are definitely experiencing a change of season. I don't know about you but, my skin is slightly more dry than usual and my hair is always in need of that little BIT of tlc. So when I received a press drop from Creamtree I was rather intrigued by the benefits of these products. The package consisted of Hair mist, Finishing cream, Cream Stick & Lipbalm.
I've been using the Hair Mist and the Finishing cream on my hair for about 3 washes and can really see the benefit of using it. This product can be used for weaves, braids and natural hair. It relieves itchiness and dryness aswell as provide that much needed moisture to your scalp and hair. I have a dry scalp and found that this products actually helped.
 I sprayed the hair mist onto my hair left it on for about 30 minutes then continued with my hair routine & finished it off with the finishing cream which to me acted like a great mask. The other 2 products that I found to work really well is the Cream Stick & Lipbalm. Along with a dry scalp I always have dry elbows and rough hands. After slipping the nicely packaged stick into my bag I found that it's so easy to apply at any moment. The Cream Stick is made with the finest ingredients and is easily absorbed. My skin is left feeling silky and soft. Definitely be needing a refill soon...
Cream Tree is mostly available in KZN and Gauteng, but you may contact them on their Facebook with product queries.