Sunday, 13 September 2015

Gumtree: How much is my laptop worth?

 So with technology constantly changing and upgrading. We are constantly in the need of wanting to have the latest products on the market with the newest features. But what if I can tell you that Gumtree has an Laptop price checker app, that can tell you what your current laptop is worth, before you go out checking for an upgrade?
I've been looking to buy a newer laptop but selling my old laptop has really never been an option for me. My laptop is still in good working condition and I believe that If I had to sell it, the buyer would still be able to enjoy quite a few years of good value out of it. So when I got around to checking out the worth of my laptop, I found the app to be really useful. All you have to do is literally just enter in the manufactured brand and the model. Instantaneously the price appeared. Selling my laptop never seemed this easy. The price slider even shows that if I have to knock a few extra rands from the selling price the chances are that my laptop could in essence sell much faster and vice versa.
See below for a few examples:
You will see, that the Gumtree Laptop price checker's app is not only easy to check the worth of your laptop, but also great for finding other laptop forsale ads on gumtree. So before you go out to either sell or buy a laptop make sure you get you laptops worth by checking it here first:


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