Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gumtree: Live Simply

I have been speaking to my husband about taking up a sport & getting more active but as soon as I see prices of gym memberships, work out equipment and sports gear I tend to turn a blind eye and pretend like I didn’t see it to begin with. But in this day and age we are constantly being reminded of how important it is to get fit and be healthy. But is there a way to attain those fitness goals, get active and still have a handle on your wallet? Living Simply is the goal....
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We always hear that being healthy & being active is an “expensive exercise”, no pun intended.  Like for instance I was absolutely set on cycling being the new thing that I was going to incorporate into my lifestyle, I had planned it out in my mind. Before or after work or on weekends, hubby and I would go and drive to beach side and cycle along the beach or even explore some mountain cycling trail. BAM!!!.... Our bubble blew to shreds when we went into a cycling store to see the actual prices that a decent bike went for? Down the drain went that dream.  Well that was until I saw that Gumtree actually has a sports pricing guide, where they categorize sporting items and the prices can be compared to the Average Retail Price & the Average Gumtree Price.

There's a wide a range of bikes and with the options available I would actually be able to find a bike that could fit into my price range! Also if you want some awesome cycling routes in and around Cape Town check out this link:

So with summer fast approaching how about taking up a new sport, if you ever decide on learning how to surf, you can then get some of these affordable gear at Gumtree some awesome lessons from:
I don't know about you, but whenever i'm at the beach and I see these awesome kites up in the sky and the trill of the person riding the wave I do tend to become rather green eyed. But I never knew that owning my own gear could actually be as easy as this? So if this is something that tickles your fancy get your gear from Gumtree and get some lessons from this cool place  
Mmmm now I can also be apart the cool kids...

Check out this link for competitive and affordable sportsgear product pricing:

Friday, 23 October 2015

My Basic Make-Up Essentials

So I thought I’d put together a short post on my basic essentials I use on a daily basis to achieve my everyday look. I must say that I constantly change my products due to always trying out new things on the market, but there seems to be few items that have remained firm favourites. 
Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish
This is one of my all time favourite foundations as this is really makeup that feels like your skin. Light, breathable formula that moisturizes and smoothes on seamlessly for a naturally luminous look that lasts all day. Hydro-pigment colour technology, vitamins and antioxidants protect and perfect, so skin looks beautifully even-toned and flawless. I love that this foundation does not make me look cakey or like I have mask painted on.
Catrice Coverstick & Maybeline Instant Pore Eraser
The creamy Coverstick has a long-lasting texture with vitamin E that reliably hides skin impurities, redness and dark circles under your eyes, and blends easily. Ultra-fine, light-reflecting pigments offer a flawless complexion and conceal fine lines. The Instant Pore eraser smoothes skin to perfection, is used under foundation for flawless base.
Rubi Eyeshadow palette
I really love this rubi eyeshadow palette, it has the perfect shades of natural and the texture of the powder is really smooth. However it's featured in an array of shades, you'll find a colour for day or night, casual or catwalk!
Avon Makeup Setting Spray & Elizabeth Arden Translucent Powder
To finish of my make up I always use. A quick spritz helps set makeup in place! Microfine mist dries quickly to an invisible finish. Helps set your foundation, blush, and eye makeup in place without drying our skin. Vitamins A, C, E infused. Non-sticky feel & the lightweight, luxurious powder delivers advanced Ceramide anti-aging benefits to help revitalize skin's appearance. Complexion looks, smoother and perfectly finished all day long.
So this is my basic make up essentials, I usually end up adding a pop lip colour to round off the look. Hope you like this post xx

Sunday, 18 October 2015

H&M landed in South Africa

Last night the V&A Waterfront was the hottest spot in Cape Town when more than 1 400 fashionistas, celebrities and members of the media gathered for the VIP party of H&M’s first store in South Africa. 
The invited guests were treated to fabulous fashion, flowing drinks and amazing music in 
the spectacular 2 level, 4700 square meter South African flagship store. 
Can I just say that this H&M's dressing rooms are huge and very much pretty! Yes I was suppose to fit on those stunning high waisted denims but I just had to take a #selfie first!
PS: the denims did in fact fit perfectly, so they came with me home...
From cool members of the Cape Town fashion scene to top celebrities the party boasted a chic crowd of both international and South African movers and shakers. Spotted in the 
crowd were such celebrities as Joanne Strauss, Jimmy Nevis, Katryn Kruger, Kurt and 
Dunay Darren, Aisha Baker, Wayne Parnell and Bonnie Mbuli, as well as top stylists, 
bloggers and models.
From cool members of the Cape Town fashion scene to top celebrities the party boasted a chic crowd of both international and South African movers and shakers. Spotted in the 
crowd were such celebrities as Joanne Strauss, Jimmy Nevis, Katryn Kruger, Kurt and 
Dunay Darren, Aisha Baker, Wayne Parnell and Bonnie Mbuli, as well as top stylists, 
bloggers and models.
Adding to the excitement of the evening was a rocking set by 3 South Africa’s of Top DJ 
acts – Pascal & Pearce, DJ Zinhle and DJ Ready. They all hit the decks and wowed the 
crowd with non-stop, high-energy tracks ranging from popular music to R&B to house that 
spun late into the evening creating the ultimate trendy shopping atmosphere. 
H&M will be open from October 17th, 2015 at V&A Waterfront.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

New Dove Advanced Hair Series

Every woman wants her hair to look beautiful in her own way, yet she struggles to achieve this on a daily basis. Dove understands the relationship women have with their hair. Dove also knows that nourishment is the key to beautiful looking hair, and beautiful looking hair is key to confidence. 
When it comes to hair products, women think it is impossible to find the right ones for their unique hair, to make them feel beautiful every day.Based on global research findings to ascertain how women really feel about their hair, Dove has listened, and now brings more…
with an advanced range of formulations that overcome the seemingly impossible challenge of providing women both what they need, and what they want from their daily hair care regime.

94%* of women claim that they are unhappy with their natural hair,
54%* of women wish there were more products to deeply nourish and moisturise their hair.
61%* of women think it is not possible to have their hair looking its best every day.
 NEW Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is designed to provide dull, dry hair with nourishment and silkiness without weighing it down. The range uses fine, pure drops of botanical oils including African Macadamia Oil and includes a luxurious treatment oil and a treatment mask, that divinely nourish and pamper your hair leaving a weightless, non-greasy finish. 
The range is scientifically proven to nourish the hair internally,as well as nourishing the hair’s surface to deliver 5x silkier hair.**
Now you can get extraordinary weightless nourishment in every drop! 
 Step One: Cleanse
Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo is an innovative, conditioning transparent shampoo infused with African Macadamia Oil. The formula provides a rich, creamy lather and conditions and cleans hair without making it feel heavy or greasy.

Directions: Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse. For best results, use as part of the Pure Care Dry Oil Range. 

Step Two: Condition
Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner contains patented conditioner technology and Kertain Actives to provide excellent detangling and smoothness. The formula is infused with African Macadamia Oil, to deeply penetrate the hair cuticle and helps replenish lost or damaged lipids, while moisturising and detangling.

Directions: After shampooing, apply from mid lengths to tips and rinse thoroughly. For best results use as part of the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range. 

Step Three: Treat
Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Oil is infused with African Macadamia Oil and contains Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Omega-7 to naturally condition and protect hair. The non-greasy formula instantly helps replenish lipids, leaving hair supple and with added shine.

Directions: For best results, rub 3 - 4 drops between the palms of your hands to clean, damp hair from mid-length to ends. Blow dry or leave to dry naturally. Also use pre-shampoo as a nourishing treatment, or before styling to protect your hair and control frizz.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask contains African Macadamia  Oil, blended with coconut and Sweet Almond Oil it can be used weekly or more frequently as needed to deeply nourish hair , leaving it sublimely silky without feeling weighed down.

Directions: After shampooing, massage into hair and leave for 3-5minutes. Rinse thoroughly for best results, follow with a few drops pf Dove Pure Care Dry Oil while your hair is still damp, then style as normal.
Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo – R69.99
Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner – R69.99
Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask – R99.99
Pure Care Dry Oil – R179.99

Oxygen Moisture Shampoo – R69.99

Oxygen Moisture Conditioner R69.99

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Win up to R 10,000 for Tertiary Education Expenses with Gumtree!

So not a lot of people know this about me but I’ve been a student studying part time on and off for the past 5 years. I probably should have been done with my degree by now, but I’m not? By that bit of information people would have probably assumed that I’ve very lazy, wasting time and money.
Well the actual reason is that I’m actually doing very well at varsity but the fees are super expensive, and I had to take it upon myself to make the decision after doing my 1st year at varsity full time, that I would actually have to work and do my studies part time. So the cycle of working in the day and studying at night had begun. But that didn’t solve all my problems simply because as soon as I had enough money to pay my varsity fees, I end up having to buy textbooks priced at exorbitant amounts...  So I know how tough it is, and I feel your pain.... I’m currently in my last year and boi oh boi it is tough....
So when I saw that Gumtree is committed to helping you take your studies to the next level, I was super excited to let everyone know about it.... Do not let this opportunity pass you by... Wish I had this opportunity when I started out!

They are helping you kick start your tertiary education, Gumtree is offering a school fund program to three lucky winners located in South Africa.The Gumtree School fund will grant three cash prizes, one for each of the three winners:
·         2 winners will receive a cash prize of R 5,000
·         1 Grand Prize Winner will receive a cash prize of R 10,000

Applications open 1st of October 2015
Click here to get to the link or follow the steps below to enter:
  • Tell us why you deserve to win the Gumtree School Fund competition.
  • Include the following details in your essay: Full Name, Postal Address, Contact Number, Email
Email your entry to 

Gumtree Scholarship Eligibility:
  • Be a South African citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be attending high school, a college, university or other tertiary institution, or have enrolled at a college, university or other tertiary institution for no later than February 2016

Three preferred finalists will be selected at the end of the competition period based on a randomized selection from the pool of qualifying entrants.

Outfit Post: Easy Life

Lately I've been living in my sneakers and comfy clothing. I find that I’m currently in a fashion rut if you can call it that? Nothing I own seems to match and whenever I try to dress up my comfy sneakers kind of sneaks itself in... and I end up wearing something else to accommodate my kicks. Has anyone gone through this?
I'm probably exposing myself but I think part of my problem lies with “bad clothing organisation”? UHM is that even a word... Well my clothes are always laying anywhere and everywhere around my house. It's not by choice though, sometimes I'm so busy between work, studies and this very time consuming platform my blog that clothing organisation takes a back seat. The problem is that it takes me quite a while to find what I’m looking for and also sometimes I kind of forget about some of the items I own. Yes, I have allot of clothing and yes I’m gonna wear all of them...err eventually...! Right?
It’s crazy to think that for a living I’m actually a buyer’s assistant & part of my job is to organize, keeps, store, categorize loads and loads of clothing & I do pretty well at that! So why is it that my closet at home is in such a mess...
UHM ... ‘cos it’s not my job to organize clothing at home and no one is paying me for it! Okey that’s a bad excuse... 
 I really don’t mean to be not organised, I seriously spend allot of time on Pinterst... pinning everything from ways to pack your clothes, to colour co-ordaining your tees. I don’t know if I could ever be that organised when it comes to my closet but for now...  the intent of having a closet that looks as great as the ones in the Pinterst pictures is huge motivation xx
Anyway rant over...
Slit Top: Foschini
Denims: Foschini
Sneakers: Footgear

Monday, 5 October 2015

VIP Makeover day - SPANX

On the 18th of September 2015 an array of woman was invited to paint the town red by joining them for a fun-filled afternoon where they treated us to a VIP SPANX makeover Including an instant body shape-up, hair styling and make-up! 
We were asked to come to the VIP makeover day with a dress or outfit that we felt could do with some body enhancing and smoothing. So off I went with my floral bodycon dress in hope that Spanx would help me smooth out the bumps, lumps and sometimes that obvious panty lines. Spanx knew exactly what I needed to smooth out my curves. So excited to find a opportunity to wear my bodycon figure hugging dress confidently in summer. See below the different shapes and styles on offer from Spanx.
Founder Sara Blakely was getting ready for a party when she realized she didn’t have the right undergarment to provide a blemish-free look under white pants. Armed with scissors and sheer genius, she cut the feet off her control top pantyhose and the Spanx revolution began!! With an array of problem-solving products for every body type Spanx has secured its place in women’s hearts and in pop-culture, with daily mentions everywhere from CNN to SNL. But Thanks to PDL Distributors a family a owned and run business they have been successful importers and distributors of the finest quality lingerie and swimwear to retailers across South Africa. They have built up an impeccable reputation with the top internationally renowned brands and local retailers.

PDL is the only distributor of Spanx in South Africa. For Spanx stockists, please visit:

Stay at Webersburg

Historic 18th Century heritage estate, Webersburg, set against the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain, recently welcomed a consortium of elite guests to an elegant evening of dinner and wine. The celebration of award-winning cultivars and delicate cuisine served as an introductory showcasing of the estates’ recently appointed Chef, John EasingwoodThe family owned and run boutique wine estate, Webersburg, has recently enjoyed an array of exquisite upgrades.
Leading the evening was multi-award winning Webersburg winemaker, Matthew Van Heerden, known for his World’s Best Chardonnay award as well as his top ten nomination in the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London along with being named the South African Diners Club Young Winemaker of the year for 2011.
“I’m dedicated to the pursuit of utmost fruit purity, quality and making site specific wines that reflect a true sense of place. I place the highest emphasis on viticulture ensuring exceptional fruit with which to reflect South Africa’s world class terroir,” says Webersburg winemaker and viticulturist, Matthew Van Heerden. 
 With the addition of eleven newly refurbished luxury vineyard cottages (formerly utilized as farmhouse cottages) the estate now sleeps up to 44 guests, ideal for weddings and corporate events where group accommodation is a must. Webersburg aptly showcases its historic roots through the elegant Cape Dutch-style five star accommodation, with each suite boasting breath-taking views of the rolling mountain, lush vineyards and dam. 
After a memorable tour off this beautiful estate we as guest were shown to our accommodation stay to freshen up and change for the much anticipated dinner and wine tasting spread...
The estate enjoys the benefits of cool sea breezes offset from the Strand shores, exceptional decomposed granite soils and unique Helderberg terroir with natural light and low yielding vineyards. This classic style of fruit expression with elegant ageing potential renders award-winning wines of the highest calibre. 
The Webersburg focus is on a limited production of premium wines. Careful attention to detail is paid to the vineyard, grape selection and winemaking methods allowing the wines to express specific grape flavour characteristics and provide a quality framework. Minimal intervention during barrel maturation for 18 to 22 months and an unhurried ageing philosophy allows the wines to mature in bottle for a further 2-4 years before release.
Five decadent courses were served, each accompanied by distinguished Webersburg cultivars. The Sauvignon Blanc opened the show with a starter of Asparagus and poached egg, followed by the steak tartar presented with the 15 year old Cabernet Sauvignon (2000). The third course introduced an ensemble of seared tuna with spicy peanut satay together with the Webersburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2013. The flagship Red Blend went well with the lamb rack, and rounding off on a succulently sweet note - yet not overpoweringly so - was the Berry Pavlova paired perfectly with the Webersburg Brut Rose Method Cap du Classic.
The vibrant hum of energy which filled the room, captivating guests in their journey back in time to an era of opulence, finally wound down and guests retired to their five star suites. The extensive grounds cater beautifully for in and outdoor wedding functions, with a state of the art ceremony hall that opens up onto a well maintained lake, and the majestic Helderberg forming the backdrop. The bistro cuisine caters seasonal dishes made up of freshly sourced local ingredients, with indoor fireside or alfresco dining options overlooking the lake. Guests can also take advantage of the rolling lawns for relaxed picnics beneath the age-old oaks.
Additional features include tennis court and swimming pool, 24 hour security, ample parking, wine tastings and pairings, cellar tours, cellar room dining, wineland tours and activities, team building workshops and nature walks.
To stay updated with the exciting new developments at Webersburg, visit their new website, Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Webersburg. To make a reservation or restaurant booking contact (0)21 881 3636 or email Webersburg at 
Selected photos by Julia Janse van Vuuren