Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gumtree: Live Simply

I have been speaking to my husband about taking up a sport & getting more active but as soon as I see prices of gym memberships, work out equipment and sports gear I tend to turn a blind eye and pretend like I didn’t see it to begin with. But in this day and age we are constantly being reminded of how important it is to get fit and be healthy. But is there a way to attain those fitness goals, get active and still have a handle on your wallet? Living Simply is the goal....
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We always hear that being healthy & being active is an “expensive exercise”, no pun intended.  Like for instance I was absolutely set on cycling being the new thing that I was going to incorporate into my lifestyle, I had planned it out in my mind. Before or after work or on weekends, hubby and I would go and drive to beach side and cycle along the beach or even explore some mountain cycling trail. BAM!!!.... Our bubble blew to shreds when we went into a cycling store to see the actual prices that a decent bike went for? Down the drain went that dream.  Well that was until I saw that Gumtree actually has a sports pricing guide, where they categorize sporting items and the prices can be compared to the Average Retail Price & the Average Gumtree Price.

There's a wide a range of bikes and with the options available I would actually be able to find a bike that could fit into my price range! Also if you want some awesome cycling routes in and around Cape Town check out this link:

So with summer fast approaching how about taking up a new sport, if you ever decide on learning how to surf, you can then get some of these affordable gear at Gumtree some awesome lessons from:
I don't know about you, but whenever i'm at the beach and I see these awesome kites up in the sky and the trill of the person riding the wave I do tend to become rather green eyed. But I never knew that owning my own gear could actually be as easy as this? So if this is something that tickles your fancy get your gear from Gumtree and get some lessons from this cool place  
Mmmm now I can also be apart the cool kids...

Check out this link for competitive and affordable sportsgear product pricing:

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