Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Outfit Post: Easy Life

Lately I've been living in my sneakers and comfy clothing. I find that I’m currently in a fashion rut if you can call it that? Nothing I own seems to match and whenever I try to dress up my comfy sneakers kind of sneaks itself in... and I end up wearing something else to accommodate my kicks. Has anyone gone through this?
I'm probably exposing myself but I think part of my problem lies with “bad clothing organisation”? UHM is that even a word... Well my clothes are always laying anywhere and everywhere around my house. It's not by choice though, sometimes I'm so busy between work, studies and this very time consuming platform my blog that clothing organisation takes a back seat. The problem is that it takes me quite a while to find what I’m looking for and also sometimes I kind of forget about some of the items I own. Yes, I have allot of clothing and yes I’m gonna wear all of them...err eventually...! Right?
It’s crazy to think that for a living I’m actually a buyer’s assistant & part of my job is to organize, keeps, store, categorize loads and loads of clothing & I do pretty well at that! So why is it that my closet at home is in such a mess...
UHM ... ‘cos it’s not my job to organize clothing at home and no one is paying me for it! Okey that’s a bad excuse... 
 I really don’t mean to be not organised, I seriously spend allot of time on Pinterst... pinning everything from ways to pack your clothes, to colour co-ordaining your tees. I don’t know if I could ever be that organised when it comes to my closet but for now...  the intent of having a closet that looks as great as the ones in the Pinterst pictures is huge motivation xx
Anyway rant over...
Slit Top: Foschini
Denims: Foschini
Sneakers: Footgear


  1. I have been the same way. Comfort is key when the weather starts to cool down! I love this outfit. That collar is super chic.

  2. You look amazing
    Fabulous outfit

    Love Vikee