Thursday, 26 November 2015

Gumtree: Holiday Gift Guides

It’s that time of the year, and the festive season is drawing closer. The Christmas trees with all the trimmings are slowly but surely popping up in all
Shopping malls, yummy festive treats are in stock and there is just an all around great mood in the air!
 But there is one thing that I do dread when it comes to this time of the year & its gift shopping. This might come easily to some people, but to me the stress of crowded malls,
long queues and not exactly knowing what I want is really overwhelming and daunting. I always find that this time of the year everyone is redecorating and spicing up there house and living space. Either by sticking on a new coat of paint or making minor adjustment such as new mirrors, lamps, rugs, wall decor or even garden furniture. But who said that a bit of a revamp have to cost a arm and leg, well with the Gumtree “Gifts for the Decorista” you can change up your interior without the hefty price tag.
For array of different lamp options click: here
I always believe that mirrors gives the illusions that your space is actually bigger than what it is.

Click here an awesome array of beautiful mirrors.
Another awesome way to spice up your home is with wall decor you can find some great options :here
The below wall art can be found: here
Small changed to your space makes a world of difference. You can scan through the Gumtree Holiday Gift Guide for some awesome deals.
Let me know if you find some great items.

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