Tuesday, 19 January 2016

2015 Reflections & 2016 Goals

I don't usually do reflections or goal setting posts, as I don't think that would be something anyone would be interested in reading. But I went against my gut and thought I'd take a trip down 2015 memory year merely because there were some really good memories made. OK!
My 2015 has been rather eventful, with loads of fun adventures and challenging times. I must say that when I started my blog say 4 years ago I would have never thought that it would be what it is today. I work with so many amazing brands on a daily bases and really get to live out my passion. I’ve just highlighted a few of my favourite moments for 2015 but trust me if I had to highlight them all you might want to stay up all night, but don't worry I wont put you through it all...
2015 Reflections:
1) Being featured in the Foschini window for the 1st time this was quite an achievement for me and something that I never expected would be me. An amazing moment was when my blog readers started sending in #selfies of the poster in the Foschini store & people started noticing that it was me. Still a highlight and it was where it all started.
2) I’ve mentioned that I have managed to work with amazing brands during the course of 2015 but Land Rover and Jaguar really stood out for me. It's really amazing to work with a team that is so passionate about the brand. The adventures we went on with Land Rover is something ill never forget & PS: being given the opportunity to drive the awesome Jaguar XE definitely made my husband really jealous.

3) Who would have thought that shh..modeling would be a thing I would enjoy as much I did! I got an opportunity to do a Denim campaign with Foschini along side the awesome Tshepiso Ralehlathe who is currently the face of Foschini. How insane is that?
To top it off It was even featured in the glamour magazine...
4) One opportunity turned into another and then I was featured in Foschini Spring campaign, I still pinch myself now and then...
2015 has really been a year full of excitement and challenges, but mostly fruitful opportunities and engagements but so far 2016 is not looking back at all.
 I been selected among-st the group of Fashion Friends to go London Fashion Week in February 2016. Which I am beyond trilled about! Everyone that reads my blog knows how much I have wanted to travel and finally I have been granted the opportunity to do so. I have also just shot the new winter campaign with the Fashion friends so, 2016 has officially kicked off. 
2016 Goals:
-I hope to grow this space, I love blogging so much that I really hope I could have done it on a full time bases.
-I am not very active and would love to concentrate on that more this year! So some exercising would be great! Baby steps ok!
-I would love to become a bit more organised, I lead a very busy life and since I'm not as organised as I would have hoped to be I tend to do alot of things on the last minute. 
-I'm finishing my last year of doing my Marketing Management degree so hopefully this year I can tick that off my list.

One thing is for sure... my favourite quote is finally bearing fruit x

"Be daring, Be different, Be Impractical, Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary" -Cecil Beaton

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