Thursday, 17 March 2016

Channi Chic & Miglio Jewellery Collaboration

I am beyond excited to show you some of the images from the shoot I did with 
Miglio Jewellery and Taylored Heart. 
This collaboration has been amazing as I've been wearing Miglio Jewellery 
for quiet a while now and the fit was just perfect!
Miglio Designer Jewellery is best known for it's versatility and interchangeable qualities. Necklaces can be worn long or short and enhanced with signature clip-on pendants. Bracelets can be linked and layered, or extended to create neckpieces. Earrings can be personalised with designer charms.
It's been made playful...
Cannot wait to do some more awesome collaborations!


  1. You look beautiful
    Gorgeous pictures

    Love Vikee

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