Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Zando Competition

 Let me just start off by saying! How absolutely beautiful is this Zando dress! 
I know right?!!! This was the initial dress I was meant to wear to the Mercedes Benz Bokeff fashion and film event, but as “life” would have it, due to an unexpected circumstance I didn’t actually end up going! But I couldn't let the opportunity pass, to wear this dress...

So as fate would have it another opportunity came around, and I got to show off this stunning dress while having a lovely brunch with my mom at the beautiful Bliss Boutique Hotel. This hotel is so beautiful and was so lucky to be able to shoot this stunning dress in this space...
So I am sure that you are keen to win a R500 Zando voucher to spend for yourself!
 Go to and save the image of any item you like and message me on either facebook, twitter or instagram... If you get chosen ill send you a R500 voucher? easy right x
Good Luck x