Monday, 13 June 2016

Bible blah blah T-shirts

A friend of mine has started, this cool concept of slogan T-shirts with a twist. It's called Bibleblahblah, These tees are seriously epic, with insight and a modern twist. 
Some Q&A about this brand from the creator Sanelisiwe Sokhela:
Q:Tell us About “Bible Blah Blah” and what it means to you?
A: There has been both positive and negative responses to the name Bibleblahblah especially the ‘blah blah’ part. Some see it as rather creative while some see it as an insult to the bible. The name blah blah simply just means going on and on and on about something and that’s what I wanted to do with the t-shirt range... just go on and on and on about the bible and God.
Q: Take us through the thought process of choosing bible verses that end up on the T-shirt?
A: Bibleblahblah tees are not your conventional scripture tees it's young and trendy so the wording that goes on the tees needs to be trendy but biblical.

Q: Religion and Fashion hardly ever seem to collide, you seem to be doing it with such a sense of “effortless cool” with Bible Blah Blah, how are you achieving this?
A: Lol I seriously don’t have an answer to this question. I guess it’s just God’s grace however I do try keep to what’s relevant and current with fashion in everything I do. If I''m wearing a Bibleblahblah tshirt, I wear it in a fashionable way and so do the people that have bought it and that gives it the “effortless cool” as you call it.
Q: The basic white T-shirt/Tee is a staple for any wardrobe, is that why you chose it as a staple/building piece of the bible blah blah range?
A: Yes, you can’t go wrong with a white t-shirt but also a white slogan t-shirt is what’s trending right now and although Bibleblahblah tees are evangelistic Christian tees, they also need to be fashion right.

Q: Are you interested in adding any other fashion items to the line? 
A: I’ve had so many requests to add colour or broaden my range to sweaters and so on. At the moment I’m more focused on establishing the brand and grow its followers before I branch out to other products, but yes that’s the long term goal.
Q: How does one go about purchasing bible blah blah T-shirts? 
A: You can order through the following mediums:
Instagram: @bibleblahblah

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