Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dove: #BeautyAtEveryAge

I must say outright that Dove always comes up with the best “Feel Good” campaigns & this one is no different. When I saw the #BeautyAtEveryAge hashtag floating around social media it really made me think about woman and their age. I'm 26 and sometimes I really do not want to quite say it out loud. Simply because at times I feel that I have not achieved enough and don't want people to judge me base on that. Oh she's 26 and have not completed her degree yet, while some 23 year old's are willy nilly  moving onto there 2nd degree etc Age is a tough thing as so many things are associated with it. 

I think for such a long time, woman of all ages and of all walks of life, have found the ever stagnant question of “How old are you” rather difficult to answer. According new global research conducted by Dove, only 10 percent of woman are proud to reveal the age they are and often conceal their real age.

Dove with this new campaign wants to encourage woman to ask themselves why these numbers have such control over their lives and to share how their age makes them feel. 
Most women recoil when asked how old they are, as they believe that revealing their age can influence how people perceive their beauty. The pressure from society to keep looking younger is so great that a staggering quarter of all women feel judged on how old they look by the people around them. Age is a source of anxiety for all women, which generally peaks in their early thirties, but is felt as early as in their teens. How Old Are You? raises the question about when women start to feel anxious about their age. The film shows girls proudly stating their age while women avoid the question.

Be Your Beautiful Self
By asking women How Old Are You, Dove invites women to consider how they feel when they reveal their age and the impact this has on them every day. See the film at and join the conversation at #BeautyAtEveryAge. Visit Dove’s Facebook page here or follow @Dove_ZA on Twitter for more information.

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  1. It makes me sad that so many woman do not want to reveal their true age...and that there is so much judgement about the way we look. Dove has done so much to help woman. I really love their campaigns.