Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How to fix a broken compact

So about 2 weeks ago an awesome press drop got delivered to me from Revlon and the packaged included an item in particular that I have been waiting to get my hands on for quite a while. It was a Revlon bronzer, so as I proceeded to open the packet, the other products were entirely covered in shimmery bronzing goodness. It seems that during the courier process the parcel either got dropped or was not handled with care. To say the least my heart was broken. So I jumped onto good old google and voila it gave me a step by step tutorial of how to do it with a few modifications here:
What you will need:
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Spoon
- Piece of Plastic

So all I did was crush the entire blush in the holder itself using a spoon. The end result was small, fine particles. I slowly started adding the rubbing alcohol and stirring it in the broken blush pieces by using a toothpick. Until the consistency is that of stiff clay, press down using a piece of plastic to smooth out the consistency. Then let dry overnight. Voila!
Now you can go ahead and fix all your broken eye-shadow pallets!


  1. Very nice!!!

  2. Oh my gosh....this is genius! You have totally made my day. I have a couple of crumbled items in my collection. Not anymore! :D

  3. Nice post

    Love Vikee