Monday, 29 August 2016

How to stay motivated

So in this blog post, I thought I would chat about how to stay motivated when life gets crazy. I always get asked this question seeing that I am always busy with a 150 different things at one time, but don’t get me wrong I sometimes struggle to follow my own advise, but it’s always good to have a guideline to go to whenever you do lose the plot slightly.
Time Management
This is one thing I am really bad at. I manage my time horribly and end up doing most of the things at the last minute. But I have a husband that is an absolute time management nut, whenever we out doing things he will always remind me that we cannot stay too long as we need to finish an assignment or study etc. I must say that sometimes it does upset me, but it has made me a much more organised person and I feel less stressed that when I do things in a rush! Make sure you plan your day, the night before and set out the tasks and time you allocate to each day. By doing this you would be able to have fun and be productive in one go.
Planning ahead
I know I have touched on this slightly in the above point, but I cannot stress this enough! I little bit of planning really does go along way. Find ways to make your life much easier. Work hard, but also work smart. Doing the same thing over & over is an absolute time waste, which you could have used more wisely. Some people prefer to write down the tasks they need to complete, I prefer setting a to do list pop up on my phone in the form of a alarm to alert me of things I need to complete during the day!

Set Goals and Smash them
I have learned that setting a goal is easy; it’s smashing it that’s the difficult part. It requires a lot of hard work, motivation and persistence. Make a list of the small goals first and then make a list of the bigger goals. When I’m referring to small goals I really mean set a goal of something that you can do right now that will ultimately benefit your big goal. For example why not decide today to be more organised and put effort into it to see it through. This small goal will assist the big goal. By you being more organised you will be able to do more in less the amount of time or even be able to work more efficiently and be more productive in one go.

Just don’t STOP
This is one of my favourite quotes. It’s simple and to the point. Just don’t stop! I have been full time employed for 7years in 3 different job roles, and 5 years I’ve been studying on and off. At this point I feel like it’s an endless rollercoaster road that’s never going to end, and many a times I thought about just quitting. But now I live by the saying. No matter how slow you are going just don’t STOP. When I look back at those times that I wanted to quit, I probably would have made such a huge mistake. Right now I’m so close to the end, and will eventually obtain my Degree in Marketing Management, it takes a long time, loads of sacrifice but its fine I know it will be worth it at the end.

Move past disappointments & setbacks
This is such a tough one, many a times you put on your BIG GIRL panties and put yourself out there in order to achieve a goal, and then a disappointment or setback happens. This is happen to me too many times to mention, a job a applied for that I knew I would be great at, but just didn’t get or people not quiet understanding your capabilities and under estimating what you are about and what you can do. But these were such great life lessons. My plan is always have a big cry and move on. I believe that having a good cry really does cleanse the soul and renews you for to plot and plan the next move you want to make. Failure is not bad, its lessons you will learn and grow from.

Keep the end in mind
This is usually one of the things people tend to forget the quickest when setting goals. Every-time I feel like the pace getting bad and things getting to much, I remind myself of the end. My end would look different to your end. What I want to achieve could be different to what you would want to achieve. Create a scrap book and or a online folder and tick off as you go along. This would then create a visual reminder of what you want to achieve and make your goals feel so much more tangible. I have created a Pinterest folder of all the places I would like to travel to one day and when I feel the motivation is slightly dimming I'll flip through the images and it will rekindle the reasons why I want to work even harder to achieve what I have set out for myself.

Now that I have shared with you ways, I have stayed motivated when life gets crazy. Share with me some of your own tips and tricks.

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