Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My Happy Place: Stylebar

So on Sunday past I went to Stylebar to get my hair done as per usual. But the one thing that was definitely not as per usual was the fact that I actually wanted it blow dried straight for a change! Yep that sounds pretty much how it’s supposed to be. But in all honesty it’s really been awhile since last time I have had my hair blow dried my hair straight at a salon. Don't get me wrong I love my natural bushy curls, but I love the versatility of still being able to do it both. 
Stylebar is literally my happy place. It’s the space I get to block out the world for a good couple of hours, catch up with girl talk, coffee and get some much needed pampering.
I am completely obsessed with the products they have been using on my hair. The Aroma range is nothing short of amazing and this NAK ultimate treatment did absolute wonders. 
My signature grey/charcoal colour was applied and a sleek blow out added. Ah may I add the complimentary head massage is probably one of best things in the world.... oh and coffee, lets not forget about the COFFEE!
My hair was so so soft after the wash and blowdry. I could hardly even believe that it was the same person. So as I left the salon, CPT was pouring outside and I literally ran from the salon to my car in a heavy downpour & tried to snap a picture before the CPT rain got hold of my sleek hair x
Big THANKS to Stylebar, for always being so courteous and professional at all times. The Stylebar team is so passionate about hair and what they do- after having such a bad streak with previous salons they are really such an absolute breath of fresh air. 

If you want professional hair advice or want to book an appointment, go to to find a salon closest to you!

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