Wednesday, 24 August 2016

NEW! Revlon Unforgettable Encounter

So yesterday I was sent, probably the most thoughtful gift ever by Revlon. It was such a personalised press drop. Social media was all a buzz about the “Revlon unforgettable encounter eu de toilette” launch.
In 1991 Revlon launched the iconic UNFORGETTABLE scent. Twenty- five years on, it remains one of SA’s top selling fragrances. Now, Revlon reinvigorates the iconic Unforgettable brand via new brand positioning a complete contemporary yet classic packaging transformation and an addiction to the Unforgettable collection- the NEW Unforgettable Encounter fragrance.
What makes an encounter unforgettable? It’s a coming together of ‘x’ factors that go beyond what we see with our eyes-our hearing sharpens, eyes widen, skin flushes slightly, our body tingles, pulse races lips part and our nostrils flare as we breathe deeply. We experience this ignition of all our senses with the electric spark of recognition that this is a moment like no other.
Key Fragrance Notes:
This heady floral-chypre fragrance is a sensual encounter between romantic rose and passionate peach, wrapped in the warm embrace of violet and white musk.
-Enticingly edible fruity top notes draw him in like a bee to a flower. Sweetly sensual peach with nectarine and the juicy freshness of litchi
-The intriguing core of flowers makes him linger, then delivers an enticing surprise. Voilet and rose reveal the romantic heart, while the fresh surprise of pineapple makes the close encounter out of the ordinary
-Seductive wood leaves a lasting impression that is of course Unforgettable

The Bottle:
The timelessly elegant square column and golden juice enhances any boudoir beautifully

The updated Unforgettable collection now comprises of:
Unforgettable Original
Unforgettable YOU
NEW! Unforgettable Encounter

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