Monday, 1 August 2016

Review: AROMAS with argon oil

So just a little bit of an insight NAK is an all Australian haircare company that creates innovative and versatile hair-care products for the professional hairdressing industry, salons, stylists and consumers. 

AROMAS LUXE BOTANICALS bestows harmony and wellbeing to all hair types. A thoughtfully considered, environmentally conscious, vegan-friendly haircare range. Where nature and science combine perfectly to naturally protect hair and skin. Sulphate free and paraben free formulas provide beautiful cleansing care and styling rituals for superior conditioning. With 4 different ranges everyone will be able to find their perfect hair care solution. Enriched with ancient Moroccan Argan Oil, Almond Milk proteins and exquisite essential oil blends of Lavender, Patchouli and Geranium.

So on launch day all the media personal got treated to a wash and blow dry using the Aromas with argon oil that best suited their hair type. I got to try the Aromas Curl shampoo & conditioner and my hair came out looking absolutely amazing. For a curly haired girl myself the only thing I want in a product is that it should have a non-sticky/greasy residue, that my curl be light & bouncy and that it should really moisturize and not dry my locks. Trust me this product did all of that and so much more.

I went home using the same products again, thinking it might not come out the same seeing that my hair always look 20 times better when my stylist does it. But trust me it looked just as good and my hair had bounce for days.
Want to know what makes this product even more amazing?
SULPHATE FREE -Their advanced formulations feature the latest in surfactant technology: ISELUX®. Delivering gentle cleansing, it is kinder to the skin and less likely to induce skin irritations.

NO PARABENS - Consumers have become more cautious and concerned with the safety of Parabens. Our advanced high quality formulations feature the latest Paraben free technology.
My hair care routine at the moment:
I wash my hair twice using the Aromas with argon oil shampoo. Paying special attention to my scalp and ends. I will rinse well and then apply the Aromas with argon oil conditioner. I will usually leave the conditioner on for about 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
Everyone that knows me, knows that when doing my hair at home, I rarely use a towel to dry my hair. I will use a soft t-shirt, wrap it around my head to dry any excess water and then let loose to air dry... I find that the T-shirt is less harsh and prevents hair from snapping is much as the usual towel does etc Since I have been using the Aromas products I don't have a need to use styling products or an serum as my curl is defined and there is no crazy frizz that needs taming. Never before have I found a product that makes me feel, like it has actually been designed with me in-mind. 

There are so many other amazing products that you can try out, such as the COLOUR MASQUES, AROMAS with oil range for Blonde, Smooth and Colour hair as well as NAK SIGNATURE RANGE.

NAK is now available in selected salons and on For any further queries please contact


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