Monday, 22 August 2016

Review: Hisense Infinity KO

So I got the opportunity about 3 weeks ago to give the new Hisense Infinity KO a test run. 
Off the back I was really impressed with the how sturdy and protective this phone is. Upon receiving it I was literally looking for 2 minutes to find the port to enter the charger cable and really just couldn't find it. I then went to the manual and saw that the port was covered by a sliding metal on the side of the phone to protect against water and dust. I really thought this was really cool, as I usually hate trying to remove a buildup of dust that gets caught in the usual tiny grooves of a device. 
Camera capabilities:
One of the 1st things that gets me when thinking of purchasing a phone is definitely the camera capabilities. I mean we live in a day an age whereby everything needs to be photographed. The Hisense Infinity KO has an awesome 13MP for the Main camera which upon taking quite a few images, it came out clear and crisp. Just the way we bloggers like it & the LED light was a pleasant treat when needed. However the secondary camera did slightly disappoint, as taking a selfie with a 5MP camera in a poorly lit room was not a great effort at all. So for camera capabilities i'm rating it a 3 out of 5. 
The physical dimentions of the device is 144mm x 72.1mm x 8.6mm & fitted perfectly into my hand at 5.0 inches. The device hosts Ram capacity of about 3GB and storage memory of about 32GB.
Hisense Infinity KO- T&C: With all ports firmly closed, the mobile phone can withstand a low pressure water spray from any direction. The IP67 rating indicates that the mobile phone is capable of being submerged under pure water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. Please note that the mobile phone was not designed for frequent underwater operation, it should only be used under the specific requirements indicated by the IP67 rating. Damage resulting from improper usage as indicated in the instructions is the user’s responsibility. Remember to firmly close all covers before exposing your smartphone to water or dust.

I played around with some of the features and functions on the phone & it's quite a 
competent piece of technology! It gets the job done and is great value for money.

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