Monday, 5 September 2016

Newmark Hotels

Over the weekend, my husband and I got the opportunity to dine at the prestigious Dash restaurant which is situated within the Queen Victoria Hotel in V&A Waterfront. It's on a rather rare occasions that hubby and I get to really dine out together due to our often crazy schedules most of the time clashing, but when we do it is always such an absolute treat. We arrived at about 7pm and the mood was completely set for an intimate dining experience. We walked in to the sounds of the pianist playing the most beautiful classical hits and a lovely dimmed candle-lit setting. Somehow I knew that this evening was one that I was about to remember for a very long time. 
We started of by ordering our starters. I had chosen a lovely Tempura prawns, pickled soft vegetables and sesame emulsion & hubby opted for the Double baked gorgonzola soufflé, biltong shavings and hazelnuts. I must say each plate is so immaculately put together really does look like a well thought out work of art. Each meal was perfectly paired with a wine that complimented it beautifully.

We then moved on to main meals which I then chose the Grilled fillet of beef, spinach purée, melange of vegetables and jus & hubby chose the Line fish of the day, lemon butter poached prawns, honey and ginger glazed radishes and a passion fruit and lime sauce. I am a huge beef fan I can safely say that this grilled fillet of beef was most probably the best I have ever tasted. Literally while I was eating the hostess came to check on us and she caught me in a moment of having a mouth full of food and my eyes closed... she giggled, smiled and said "clearly you are enjoying your meal".It really was absolutely perfect! 
In awe of how great this meal was I chatted to my husband telling him that I really think we should send our compliments to the chef as everything was so delicious & beyond my expectations and as Murphy's law would have it the table along side us had requested to speak to the chef  and compliment him on the amazing food & we were in absolute agreement! 
We then proceeded to desert and that was really a master piece. I chose the Hot chocolate fondant with orange ice cream and bitter sugar brittle & hubby had the Banana parfait, butterscotch sauce and banoffee. Which were both absolute winners. How beautiful are these plates, besides eating with my tummy I definitely ate with my eyes too. 
We left the restaurant well past 10:30pm with a full tummy, good conversation made by the hostesses as well as a soul revived and ready to take on the world again.

If you want to try out this experience for yourself which I am sure you will absolutely enjoy feel free to check out the Dash Restaurant Website: here

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