Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Nail Candi

I am obsessed with pretty nails. When my nails are done and looking pretty for some reason I just feel so well put together. I love experimenting with my nails, so you will always see me wearing bright colours and following the latest trend in nailart. So by saying that, if you love doing your nails as much as I do then just you have to check out the Nail Candi website. Nail Candi has built a reputation on exceptional product quality and the best in customer relations. 
As trendsetters in the nail business, Nail Candi provides a selection of fashionable nail art and brand name manicure products that is manufactured to a high standard and are highly sought after. You can be assured that they will supply you with the newest must-have collections of nail art fashion and manicure products. 
 This is a 5 Piece set, 2-way dotting & marble tool set. Different points for different size dots and different designs. Colors of dotting tools may vary
Ever wished you had a little nail polish bottle holder that you could use to paint your nails virtually anywhere - the bed, beach and beyond? Well now you can with this smart nail polish bottle holder! It can hold virtually any nail polish bottle but if you find it doesn't hold your smaller bottle so securely, lift one or two of the tabs.
It snugly fits any sized fingers.Use the grips on the sides to easily remove the holder from your fingers without smudging your fingers. You can also use the holder to store some acetone to clean around your nails as it's acetone resistant.
So over the course of the month, I will be creating fun nail arts using these tools. So you definitely have to follow me on my social media platforms or check back on my blog to see the how to tutorials!

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