Thursday, 27 October 2016

Review: Vaseline Intensive Care Spray

It's been a while whereby I was this impressed by a product. So I received this product to review and I was thinking to myself what's so amazing about spraying lotion? I twisted the nozzle and pushed down and then I it clicked. This is Brilliant. 
I have incredibly dry skin, when it comes to my legs. It's as if any lotion or moisturizer just gets sucked up by my skin and then to my detriment I have to reply a few times in order for it at-least to look as if I've got shinny legs. What I really love about this spray on lotion is that it really is mess free. I promise you, I took a shower, got out. I ended up spraying these all over my body. While waiting for the product to absorb, I did my make up. I love that I actually do not have to rub the lotion on my hand and then onto my skin. My hand are free from product and it gives me time to do other things. I've tried all 3 products but I must say Deep Restore is by far my favourite, as its perfect for my Dry skin & whereby the product literally absorbs in seconds.
Sometime body lotions leaves behind a sticky residue on your hands, and I found this product to be non- greasy and such an absolute treat to use. I love that this product not only fit into my fast-paced lifestyle, but it doesn't compromise on quality. The continuous spray system is different from traditional spray products – such as sunscreen which typically uses a misting effect – as it dispenses lotion quickly and evenly, and enables all over body coverage. It uses compressed air, not harmful propellants, to quickly deliver a spray the width of your wrist that spreads easily and evenly. The contoured aluminium can fits comfortably in the hand and features an expertly- engineered, twist-look actuator that is easy to press and prevents spills. VASELINE ® Intensive Care™ Spray Moisturizer range includes three variants, each available in a 190 ml can.

Leaves the skin feeling healthy and restored.

Contains pure cocoa butter for glowing skin.

Contains pure aloe leaving the skin feeling fresh.

Recommended selling price
VASELINE® Intensive Care™ Spray Moisturiser Deep Restore 190 ml R89.99
VASELINE® Intensive Care™ Spray Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant 190 ml R89.99
VASELINE® Intensive Care™ Spray Moisturiser Aloe Soothe 190 ml R89.99

You can buy the Vaseline sprays at either Clicks or Dischem

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