Sunday, 20 November 2016

Review: Afriderm

As we become older we tend become more and more concerned with skincare and how we are looking after our skin. At the current age of 26, I am all about the statement that says “prevention is better than cure”. Why are we waiting for something to be broken before we actually attempt to fix it? I really do believe that there are small changes that we can make to our lifestyle every day to ensure we maintain our skin and age gracefully. 
I got the opportunity to review the Afriderm active care products. It's been specifically formulated to protect all shades of dark skin. These nourishing products are designed to heal, protect and enhance the skin’s naturally smooth texture. I have combination/oil skin which are prone to blemishes, uneven complexion as well as an oily shine. Hence I was really putting these products to the test to see if it could help me with some of my core problems. 
I often go to salon for facials and I love the feeling of a good cleansing peel. Hence I was hoping I could achieve that feeling of a fresh face at home while using the Afriderm Peeling Gel. I applied the product to a clean face in a circular motion and almost immediately I could see the dirt/dead skin lifting from my face. As I was applying the product little dirt particles lifted. This product is so gentle on the skin and I could hardly feel I had anything on my skin. The Peeling Gel contains natural herbal extracts as well as non-irritating moisture ingredients. Such a great smooth feeling once washed off.
The eye area is definitely the first body part whereby the aging is instantly noticed and hence it’s really important to pay careful attention to the eye area. I have left this product in close reach as it’s amazing for early morning puffy eyes. I apply a generous amount of product to my eye area and product really absorbed instantaneously. This product contains aloe, natural botanical oils including Jojoba and Sea Buckhorn to calm and cleanse skin. This product I’ll definitely be using on a regular.
I have never realised the importance of exfoliating until I tried it and it made my skin feel like a new born baby…. I have little bums all over my legs and struggled to get rid of them and ever since I started exfoliating my entire body on a regular it has made the world of difference. Exfoliating is also a must for you  ladies that enjoys spray tans or even tanning creams, exfoliating gives you a even canvas and removed any dead skin buildup. The texture of the Afriderm exfoliating body scrub is absolutely perfect as the particles are not too big to feel overbearing and not too small to feel like a cream instead of a scrub.
After I used the exfoliating cream, I ended up rubbing this body butter all over my body. There is absolutely something luxurious about this body butter. It's really creamy and the scent is so soft and lovely. While doing it, I got the hubby to rub it on my feet and give me a mini foot massage... It's such an great all over use!

If you would like to try out these products for yourself, check out the Afriderm website, aswell as products can purchased from selected Edgars stores & Pharmacies. 
PS. Afriderm does not test on animals! BONUS x


  1. I love body butters and this ones does sound luxurious ;) xoxo

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  3. Is afriderm only for dark skin