Sunday, 18 December 2016

Choose Forever, Choose Love

I’m one those individuals that actually really enjoy buying gifts for family and love ones, I mean who doesn’t? I really enjoy the process of thinking about gift, searching for it in a store, wrapping it and then finally seeing the joy on the person face once they open up the gift. But in all honesty there comes a time when you actually really do not know what to buy. Especially this time of the year and as Christmas approaches there are so many options and all the malls are all exceptionally full, which I’m sure most of you are actually trying to avoid. So I bet you either want to consider purchasing the gift online or alternatively, know exactly what you want to buy and go into the shop buy it and get out.I rarely write posts that can be easily utilized for both men and woman, but this time around I think some men might enjoy this post slightly more. Yes you heard me, right! Men I am going to give you some stunning gift ideas to get your special lady this Christmas and trust me she will be super happy and you will thank me for it. #ChooseLoveSA

Gift Option 1: The Seductive Scent by Revlon
So obviously this festive season love will definitely be in the air…so why not spoil her with the seductive scent by Revlon. This fragrance is designed to spark chemistry between two people as it ignited the attraction and inspires true love. The unique premium heart shaped bottle embodies passion and love with a rich, red glow. This perfume is loved by women and irresistible to men. “Love is like a fragrance that lingers on” –Kim Casali
Gift Option 2:  Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy
It takes an instant for hands to touch and hearts to fall in love. We women are all about our nails & the Revlon Colorstay gel envy diamond top coat provides the perfect shiny finish to her manicure. So shiny in fact that it creates its own romantic mood, if you watch the candle light reflect off your nails. Burn the midnight oil, light up the romance and create the mood for love. The base colour comes in an array of shades such as Bet on love, Perfect Pair, Get Lucky, Queen of hearts & many more. “You can give without loving, but you cannot Love without giving” –Amy Carmichael

Gift Option 3: Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder
It has happened to me, a few to many times. When a beautiful face of make-up gets ruined by not having the proper product to keep it all in place for duration of the day. Trust me men, your significant other will love this product. The Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder is lightweight and provides the perfect matte coverage. “Love the light that brightens every heart’s darkness” – Bryant Mcgill

Gift Option 4: Revlon Colorstay Make up
I remembered the day clearly when I found the perfect shade of Revlon Colorstay Foundation. It really was like a match made in heaven. It was as if everything just worked. While my foundation was doing what it was supposed to as in lasting for up to 24 hours I could go ahead and create memories. Go ahead and capture your thoughts on love. Write about romance, about infatuations and about those butterfly moments you always think back to and smile. It’s a reminder of the power of love. “Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose”–The Wonder Years
Revlon products can be purchased from selected Pharmacies and mass retailers nationwide or check out the website I'm sure the above list will assist you in getting the perfect gift this festive season for your significant other. 
Happy Shopping!

Monday, 12 December 2016

Review: Olgani Toothpaste & Mouthwashes

Have you ever heard of a range of toothpastes and mouthwashes that is 100% natural & contains 85% organic ingredients? Well until recently me neither. In all honesty I haven't actually thought about the concept at all, I mean choosing a toothpaste usually is a habit purchase for me. I choose the toothpaste my mom chose when I was living at home and  when I got married and moved out I never really changed the brand and continued purchasing the same brand for years on end. So when I came across a brand called Olgani Naturals it really was as if a light bulb just went on... an absolute "ah ha" moment for me! How is it that I wasn't even really checking the ingredients of products that I was placing into my month every single day? How do even know if the ingredients within the products was good for me?
The 1st thing that I really loved even before trying the Olgani Naturals toothpaste was that the toothpastes aren't sweetened, the active, natural components produce quite an intense taste that you may not at first associate with toothpaste. When I first tried it it was such a weird experience as toothpastes are usually good tasting. However, with constant use you will become used to the flavour and see and feel the results in your mouth. I find it rather strange that we are told that sweets are bad for our teeth yet the very products that we used to protect and clean our teeth is sweetened. The 2nd thing is that atleast now I was assured that this product doesn't contain any dodgy products that I cannot spell let alone know what it actually is. 
Organi Naturals is the first toothpaste on the South African Market based on natural, edible ingredients. Due to its mild anti bacterial properties it is recommended to help build-up of dental plague and prevent gum tissue problems. It is also Child-friendly and safe to swallow.
In addition to these life-changing toothpastes, the range also contains Olgani Mouthwashes based on the principle of using only beneficial products for oral caretwo products in powder form was formulated due to the lack of glycerine-free mouthwashes in the market. Each product targeting different oral problems.

If you are keen to try out these natural Olgani products see link for closest stockist: here
You can also check out the website: here

Review: StyleRush

So for about a month I got the opportunity to try out and review the StyleRush and share what I thought about this straightening tool that everyone is raving about. I was rather excited to jump right in and try it out but seeing that I’ve been rocking the curly sue, natural hair for such a long time I didn’t calculate in the time it took me to blow dry and straighten in such a long time. So finally when I had a bit of free time I really did put the StyleRush through its paces. I mean when you look at my curly bush then you are sure to understand the struggle he he he.
My usual hair routine is to jump in the shower do a quick shampoo & condition jump out apply make up and go... well on this past Saturday it was slightly different I did a good shampoo and condition using my favourite NAK Products and then before blow drying applied Tresemme’ Heat protecting spray and then started blow-drying! Please note I haven’t blow-dried my in months, so it was quite a mission and few one too many arm aching moments. I was seriously building muscles and had to stop. Half way through I got super tired and then just roughly blow-dried it dry and combed it straight. Hence note at this point my hair was not sleek and had quite a few kinks to say the least and my ends wasn't looking great either. See Image below:

This was thus the part where I hoped the trusty StyleRush would come to my rescue... I then plugged it in, waited for it to warm up and then swiftly glided it across my roots and ends, and in a matter of seconds it looked as if I had gone to a salon to blow dry my hair. I was really impressed with the way the StyleRush tool straightened all my feisty curls and kinks. 
See below image of how sleek my hair looked after using the StyleRush. I was really impressed. I loved that I only needed to glide it over my hair once and it was straight which means less heat than having to constantly glide over to get it straight. 
Stylerush Hair Stylers are manufactured with the finest materials in South Korea. Stylerush uses modern ceramic technology, combined with advanced heat retention, and an array of innovative features for versatile styling. Go straight, curls or waves. This professional hair styler offers one pass styling with negative ions and far infra red rays. Stylerush is finished in a premium Dupond casing with sleek ergonomic design offering comfortable grip. Temperature is fixed at 195 Degrees Celsius and its mineral infused plates give the perfect finish.
Stylerush's heater plate was created using the same technology used on Glampalm Stylers that realizes the dream of minimal hair damage. Self developed special ceramic coating on the plates provides smooth sliding without any hair snagging. An abundance of far infra red rays and negative ions emitted, minimize the destruction of keratin effectively resulting in soft and shiny hair.
Interested in giving the StyleRush a go, check out the website StyleRush to see how you can get your hands on it. Promise you wont be disappointed!
PS: My hair colour has been done compliments of StyleBar!