Monday, 12 December 2016

Review: Olgani Toothpaste & Mouthwashes

Have you ever heard of a range of toothpastes and mouthwashes that is 100% natural & contains 85% organic ingredients? Well until recently me neither. In all honesty I haven't actually thought about the concept at all, I mean choosing a toothpaste usually is a habit purchase for me. I choose the toothpaste my mom chose when I was living at home and  when I got married and moved out I never really changed the brand and continued purchasing the same brand for years on end. So when I came across a brand called Olgani Naturals it really was as if a light bulb just went on... an absolute "ah ha" moment for me! How is it that I wasn't even really checking the ingredients of products that I was placing into my month every single day? How do even know if the ingredients within the products was good for me?
The 1st thing that I really loved even before trying the Olgani Naturals toothpaste was that the toothpastes aren't sweetened, the active, natural components produce quite an intense taste that you may not at first associate with toothpaste. When I first tried it it was such a weird experience as toothpastes are usually good tasting. However, with constant use you will become used to the flavour and see and feel the results in your mouth. I find it rather strange that we are told that sweets are bad for our teeth yet the very products that we used to protect and clean our teeth is sweetened. The 2nd thing is that atleast now I was assured that this product doesn't contain any dodgy products that I cannot spell let alone know what it actually is. 
Organi Naturals is the first toothpaste on the South African Market based on natural, edible ingredients. Due to its mild anti bacterial properties it is recommended to help build-up of dental plague and prevent gum tissue problems. It is also Child-friendly and safe to swallow.
In addition to these life-changing toothpastes, the range also contains Olgani Mouthwashes based on the principle of using only beneficial products for oral caretwo products in powder form was formulated due to the lack of glycerine-free mouthwashes in the market. Each product targeting different oral problems.

If you are keen to try out these natural Olgani products see link for closest stockist: here
You can also check out the website: here


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