Monday, 23 January 2017

2017 | Think, Reflect, Plan

I really wasn't planning on doing a New Years resolution post or a 2017 goal setting but seeing that we still in January I think it's a good idea to just take a step back, think, reflect & plan before the craziness of life & the new year completely settles in. I know that New Years resolutions is usually a waste of time and making major changes hardly pans out seeing that the change is usually so BIG that you become despondent and end up giving up well before even attempting to begin. Well this time around I have decided to make small little changes everyday and keep track of it. 
So lets start with THINK: 2016 has been a great year for me both personally and professionally. I really do count my blessings everyday. There were many challenges on the way, but I've learned that challenges is what makes this life interesting. If everything always went according to plan, what would the lesson learned have been. However the happy times and the growth within my area of space really does out way any struggle. 

Then lets move on to REFLECT: One of the highlights of the start of my year has to be that I got to travel to London, it really is something that I never in my wildest dreams would have thought would be possible. Then to end of the year I got to travel to Namibia on a family holiday which was such an epic adventure. To be able to travel to 2 different countries in one year is really something I will never take for granted. On another note my blog has grown in leaps and bounds and because of it, I have also been granted various opportunity to do quite a few local travels as well as experience and go to places I would have never gone to otherwise. I got to eat at amazing restaurants, visit stunning hotels/accommodation spots, review some fantastic products, attend great launch events as well as in the process push myself to become a even better version of myself. It really is my HAPPY PLACE!
& now we PLAN: I really do believe that 2017 is the year of completion! There are many projects in my personal life that I've started but haven't quite completed. There are so many ideas and plans that I have floating around in my head, that hasn't been put into effect or executed, we all know what happens when life happens and it detours the plan and you end up not getting to it. But I know that this is the year of change. I know that one of my major problems is PROCRASTINATION & I'm sure majority of us have this very same issue, we put off what we need to do until we end up not getting to it at all. I  have started off the year by carrying a notebook with me, as well as actually planning my calendar to adequately prepare for various tasks. I find it really useful actually seeing the tasks that I still need to complete and then upon completion ticking it off. The thrill of ticking items of has given me such a new found relieve and pride that it has become something I actively enjoy doing. 

Over the +4 years that I've been actively blogging and sharing my thoughts I can truly say that blogging has taught me so much! Blogging is such a public forum and space and therefore opens itself up to criticism from people in various spheres of life. I've learned that we cannot always please everyone, and we cannot change who we are, in order for others to like us. Be who you are ALWAYS & the world will find something to love. Blogging has given me the ability and vehicle to dream big and follow my passions. I was the girl who wasn't great in sport, didn't have a hobby that ignited a spark and there wasn't anything that made me fall completely in-love with it, over and over again! Many years ago when I discovered blogging it became exactly that for me... It became the thing that I could spend hours on and not notice. It became the space where I could write, express myself and yet completely lose and find myself again. I grew with my blog and it has become my saving grace. I have become so much more confident, bold & not afraid to colour outside of the box! Instead I learned that it is outside the box that it's less crowded & such an amazing way to follow your dreams as you write your own story.
So with all of that said...I have decided that for 2017 I will be bold in the decisions I make regarding my career & personal growth and I will not compromise on the life I choose to live. I will work harder at my dreams than I’ve ever done before & live a life of meaning, passion & soul pleasing happiness... so here goes to an amazing year of LOVE, ADVENTURE, GROWTH, PROSPERITY & PERSONAL FULFILLMENT!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

AVON | Product Update

You will be seeing this type of post on a rather regular basis as Ill be updating you on new Avon products on the market as well as Avon's best selling items. So that you are well aware of what to look out for. So first on the cards has to be Avon's #1 choice for everyday beautiful hair. The advance TECHniques professional range has new new & improved premium packaging endorsed by New York Hair Experts. Often we use hair-care products without knowing the exact purpose. Well Shampoo is used to cleanse, repair & strengthen hair as well as remove unwanted build-up. Conditioner is used to reseal newly opened, cleaned follicles & treatments and masks should be applied 2-3 times a week to enhance the efficiency of the shampoo & conditioner. 

Avon Daily Shine Range- for dull/normal hair
This range is formulated with Multi-shine technology & moisturizing Pro vitamin B5 to leave hair with 200% more luminous shine for up to 3 days.

Avon Argan Oil- for dry hair
This range nourish, smooth & restructure dry damaged hair. These products are infused with Argan Oil + Pro vitamin B5 + vitamin E to combat frizz. Your hair will be 73% smoother & 93% more manageable.
Avon Supreme Oils- for dry hair
This range is formulated with Nutri-5 complex for salon- perfect hair, intensely nourished, healthy & incredibly soft hair from 1st use. This product includes 5 precious oils Macadamia oil, Camelia oil, Almond oil, Grape seed oil, & Marula oil.
Along with the Avon advance TECHiques hair range, Avon has now formulated a new & improved formula serum which is inspired by there Diamond Technology. This means that there hair serums now has added ingredients that nourishes the hair follicles to make it stronger. This new added benefit will help to make hair 5 x stronger. 

Avon sells 2 serums every minute making it the #1 hair care products in the Advance Technique range 
Avon's No 1 Tissue Oil
This fan favourite tissue oil has 7 skin transforming benefits:
-Reduces appearance of stretch marks
-Reduces appearances of scars
-Reduces the look of dark spots
-Reduces the look of discolourations
-Helps even skin tone 
-Softens and smooths
-Deeply moisturizes
Watch this space for the next insert on new Avon products as well as some of your favourite products that is just too good not to share. To view the catalog you can view brochure here: AVON E-Brochure

Review | Elancyl

There are many products on the market claiming to be the miracle cure to either reduce cellulite or tone flabby skin. Trust me I'll be the first to lift up my hand and say if you want firm, well toned skin. EXERCISE! But after seeing all awesome reviews floating around the internet. I was rather interested to review these ELANCYL products for myself.
For over 40 years ELANCYL has been assisting women in their quest for a smoother, firmer silhouette. Scientific breakthroughs and clinically proven efficacy makes ELANCYL the pioneers in slimming body care.

CELLU SLIM | 200 ml Pump Bottle

  • Fights the appearance of stubborn cellulite
  • Comprehensive formula for slimming and firmness
  • Quickly absorbed, non-sticky
  • Just one application for a 24-hour effect
  • Long-lasting results
  • Clinical Benefits:  The appearance of stubborn cellulite is reduced after 7 days*


  • Recommended for all skin types
  • Soap-free formula gently cleanses skin
  • Tones the skin & provides an instant refreshing effect
  • Clinical Benefits:  Skin tone is enhanced after 10 days*


  • Comprehensive formula for slimming and firmness
  • Creamy, smooth texture – great for massage
  • Easy to apply, non-sticky
  • Long-lasting results
  • Clinical Benefits:  Skin is smoother, firmer & the appearance of cellulite reduced after 14 nights*
I will start using these products on the 10/01/17 for 2 consecutive weeks. I have one area that is a major concern for me, which is my upper leg area. I have one dimple,which I will use as a measuring guide as to whether these products actually reduces the appearance of the cellulite and if in-fact so to what extent. I will do a follow up post with results. Pictures will be included. Watch this space.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Haircare | StyleBar

So I have been doing my hair colour at StyleBar for as long as I can remember or it could be about 2 & a half years now if we're gonna be exact. I ended up at the StyleBar salon after a series of horrible experiences with wanting to be a Blondie so bad that another salon (which I prefer not to menthion) made my head a shade of bright canary yellow just to put it mildly. After the 4th visit to this "not to be mentioned" salon, they kept telling me it will look right EVENTUALLY while pocketing my money even though I was not happy at all with the results. Then on a completely random day at a Schwarzkopf launch event the StyleBar stylists could smell the desperation of how much I hated walking around with sunshine coloured hair & came to my rescue and like the story would go... it was happy ever after from there on.
After all this time with StyleBar I have managed to be platinum blonde, black, back to ash white, granny grey and even charcoal. Whatever my mood they just manage to get me what I want & even after cutting my hair short at a shoot. With the help of StyleBar we managed to get it growing again. A lot of people has asked me how I have managed to have my hair fall out completely with all these radical hair colour changes & my answer is simple. You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor, why go to an unqualified hairstylist?

The latest routine that we've have been following was doing highlights on my root area only so that that we don't over process the already lightened hair & then applying the my desired colour afterwards over my entire head. This time around my stylist used NAK structure complex on my hair along with Nak shampoo & conditioner. NAK products are my absolute favourite.

I have really curly hair, but absolutely love the way it looks when I do decide to blow-dry it straight once in a while. The BEST of both worlds of-course. If you are looking for a salon that's really good at colouring. You have to give StyleBar a try.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Favourite 7 Lipsticks

So this is my first official beauty post for 2017 yay! I hope you find it useful, as I really wanted to share with you my favourite 7 lipsticks simply because I have so many lippies but end up only using the below ones on a REPEAT basis, which goes without saying how much I love them. Hope you find some of your favourites among-st the below list:
 Rimmel London- Provocalips 16HR 410- Not Guilty
Without a doubt this range of Rimmel Lipsticks is my absolute favourite due to it's amazing staying power. I have really put this product to the test a couple of months ago by seeing how long it last and I can literally apply it in the AM and at PM still have it perfectly intact. This lipstick does not rub off when drinking coffee so you can kiss those lipstick stains on the coffee cup goodbye. I love wearing this lipstick to events where I know I will be snacking or drinking while having to take pictures. It's an absolute lifesaver.
 Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 215- Shameless
I own this lipstick for more than a year and its by far my favourite deep dark matte colour. I can remember purchasing it with a friend in a twin pack whereby each of us got to have the same shade & after all this time I still carry it with me all the time. I love the mint/menthol scent of the lipstick and the fact that the shade is dark enough to look like black from afar, but is deep purple from up close. Such a win-win.
 Revlon Ultra HD Matte- Seduction
This matte lipcolor is close to empty as I probably use it the most due to the fact that it's such a stunning nude colour. I wear this lipstick on days where I do not want to look over the top or over done. Every girl has her offish days, where the no-make up/make up look is a must & can easily be achieved with this shade of lippie. This is however a liquid lipcolour, see below my favourite nude lipstick which I usually alternate with.
 Rimmel 51 Muse Red
Well a little bit of va-va voom never did anyone any harm & this Rimmel lippie is just perfect. When I found this shade of red, it was an absolute match made in heaven & the fact that it's part of the Kate Moss collection just made it so much more desirable.
 Avon Matte Splendidly Fuchsia
I own the entire Avon Matte collection range and I really like this shade the most. Its the perfect pop of pink and I really like the way this lipstick feels on my lips. I have heard reviews about this lipstick being drying to the lips, however I haven't experienced that. But then again I exfoliate my lips on regular bases in order to create better application and smooth application for all my lipsticks.
 Essence Matt- 02 Perfect Match
I recently found this Nude lipstick from Essence & I absolutely love it. It is such a smooth and creamy product however it has a matt finish when applied to the lip. The shade is really pretty and I find myself reaching for it all the time.
Catrice Velvet Matte Lipcream
This product has a velvety silk feel when applied and contains Vitaman E. This is probably the newest product to my collection but the colour is really pretty and has a different feel when on my lips. This product feels more like a light lip tint rather than a heavy matt lipstick product which is the best of both worlds.
I have swatched my favourite lip products so that you can easily see the colour pay off & texture of the product.
If you have a Lip product that you love and think that I should try it out, please leave the name in the comment space below and I'll definitely try it out.

Road-tripping to Namibia

If you follow me on social media you would have seen my feeds based on a spur of the moment road trip that I took to Namibia. When I say spur of the moment I mean that trip was planned just under 2 weeks and we literally confirmed accommodations 3 days before starting this epic adventure. Ill try my best to give you as much detail as possible on the experience and what exactly when down.
We started our roadtrip the day after Christmas as we were spending it with our family based in Vredenburg which is about 137km from Cape Town, we literally woke up up at about 4am and started this whirlwind of a holiday. So as we departed Vredenburg we passed various dorpies such as Velddrift, Clanwilliam & Van Rhynsdorp etc. The distance between Vredenburg where we started and Vioolsdrift which was just outside the Namibian border was about 621km.
As we approached the Namibian border we had to fill in some paperwork & get our passports stamped which was a rather efficiency exercise and didn't take long at all. & just like like that we were on Namibian soil. You could almost immediately see the difference between the SA side & the Namibian side. SA's landscapes looks rather green and colourful whereby with Namibia you could almost instantly see the dust, gravel and rocky landscapes appear which was clearly an awesome change in pace. We drove from the border to the next stop Keetmanshoop which was a 306km we arrived on a public holiday and in turn most shops were closed and we struggled to find a place to eat. We then decided to drive to the fuel station for a quick bite at Wimpy. We then swiftly were on a way to our next stop which was Mariental and would be the place that we would stay over for the evening which were 231km away. The landscapes were really beautiful and the wildlife absolutely unreal. We arrived in Mariental at about 6pm and stayed over at Anandi Guest house for the evening, we were all so tired so we all relaxed and took a dip in the pool as the weather was rather humid but totally delightful.
The next day we were up early again had breakfast and hit the road again. We filled up the vehicle at the fueling station and off we went to our next stop which is about 268km away, Windhoek. Here we decided to spend about 2 days and stayed over at the Klein Windhoek Guesthouse. One of the first things we knew we wanted to explore was the National Independence Museum. I was quite keen to learn about Namibia's history and everything the country went through to get liberated. One of the most interesting things was learning about Sam Nujoma  which is a Namibian revolutionary, anti-apartheid activist and politician who served three terms as the first President of Namibia, from 1990 to 2005. He very much reminded me of our very own Nelson Mandela.
The museum was a must see and the best part was that it was absolutely free to view. The Christ Church was literally opposite the museum and is a historic landmark and Lutheran church in Windhoek, Namibia. The church was built following the wars between the Germans and the KhoikhoiHerero, and Ovambo. The foundation stone was laid on 11 August 1907, while on 16 October 1910 the church was officially dedicated. It was originally known as the Church of Peace.

The next stop was definitely The National Botanic Garden which is a 12 hectare nature reserve in the heart of the City of Windhoek, where you can see and learn about Namibia's fascinating plants.

We then hit the road again & off we were to Swakopmond which is 353km away, which is known as a Beach Resort & an example of German colonial architecture & Walvis bay which is 41.6km away. The main feature absolutely has to be the fact that this is where desert and the ocean actually meet. You have to see it for yourself in order to comprehend the full extend of the beauty. When we arrived we literally sat along the lagoon in Walvis bay, which was so tranquil and beautiful.

We then got the privilege to climb Dune 7 which is the highest dune in the coastal region and a huge tourist attraction in Walvis Bay. It was so much fun, we literally walked up the dune, and rolled down in the sand like kids It was really a different experience. Never the less everything was covered in sand even down to our underwear. This was so much fun.

The Namib Desert is one of the 500 distinct physiographic provinces of the South African Platform physiographic division. It occupies an area of around 80,950 km² (31,200 square miles), stretching from the Usiab River (north) to the town of L├╝deritz (south) and from the Atlantic Ocean (west) to the Namib Escarpment (east). However this time around our epic 6 day adventure had come to and end and we now had to drive back to SA. There were some awesome places that I didn't get to see due to the time constraints but I would definitely do it again. But for now we have to drive 1832.3km back to Cape Town.

What did you get up to this festive season? 
Let me know in the comment space below.