Monday, 23 January 2017

2017 | Think, Reflect, Plan

I really wasn't planning on doing a New Years resolution post or a 2017 goal setting but seeing that we still in January I think it's a good idea to just take a step back, think, reflect & plan before the craziness of life & the new year completely settles in. I know that New Years resolutions is usually a waste of time and making major changes hardly pans out seeing that the change is usually so BIG that you become despondent and end up giving up well before even attempting to begin. Well this time around I have decided to make small little changes everyday and keep track of it. 
So lets start with THINK: 2016 has been a great year for me both personally and professionally. I really do count my blessings everyday. There were many challenges on the way, but I've learned that challenges is what makes this life interesting. If everything always went according to plan, what would the lesson learned have been. However the happy times and the growth within my area of space really does out way any struggle. 

Then lets move on to REFLECT: One of the highlights of the start of my year has to be that I got to travel to London, it really is something that I never in my wildest dreams would have thought would be possible. Then to end of the year I got to travel to Namibia on a family holiday which was such an epic adventure. To be able to travel to 2 different countries in one year is really something I will never take for granted. On another note my blog has grown in leaps and bounds and because of it, I have also been granted various opportunity to do quite a few local travels as well as experience and go to places I would have never gone to otherwise. I got to eat at amazing restaurants, visit stunning hotels/accommodation spots, review some fantastic products, attend great launch events as well as in the process push myself to become a even better version of myself. It really is my HAPPY PLACE!
& now we PLAN: I really do believe that 2017 is the year of completion! There are many projects in my personal life that I've started but haven't quite completed. There are so many ideas and plans that I have floating around in my head, that hasn't been put into effect or executed, we all know what happens when life happens and it detours the plan and you end up not getting to it. But I know that this is the year of change. I know that one of my major problems is PROCRASTINATION & I'm sure majority of us have this very same issue, we put off what we need to do until we end up not getting to it at all. I  have started off the year by carrying a notebook with me, as well as actually planning my calendar to adequately prepare for various tasks. I find it really useful actually seeing the tasks that I still need to complete and then upon completion ticking it off. The thrill of ticking items of has given me such a new found relieve and pride that it has become something I actively enjoy doing. 

Over the +4 years that I've been actively blogging and sharing my thoughts I can truly say that blogging has taught me so much! Blogging is such a public forum and space and therefore opens itself up to criticism from people in various spheres of life. I've learned that we cannot always please everyone, and we cannot change who we are, in order for others to like us. Be who you are ALWAYS & the world will find something to love. Blogging has given me the ability and vehicle to dream big and follow my passions. I was the girl who wasn't great in sport, didn't have a hobby that ignited a spark and there wasn't anything that made me fall completely in-love with it, over and over again! Many years ago when I discovered blogging it became exactly that for me... It became the thing that I could spend hours on and not notice. It became the space where I could write, express myself and yet completely lose and find myself again. I grew with my blog and it has become my saving grace. I have become so much more confident, bold & not afraid to colour outside of the box! Instead I learned that it is outside the box that it's less crowded & such an amazing way to follow your dreams as you write your own story.
So with all of that said...I have decided that for 2017 I will be bold in the decisions I make regarding my career & personal growth and I will not compromise on the life I choose to live. I will work harder at my dreams than I’ve ever done before & live a life of meaning, passion & soul pleasing happiness... so here goes to an amazing year of LOVE, ADVENTURE, GROWTH, PROSPERITY & PERSONAL FULFILLMENT!

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