Tuesday, 10 January 2017

AVON | Product Update

You will be seeing this type of post on a rather regular basis as Ill be updating you on new Avon products on the market as well as Avon's best selling items. So that you are well aware of what to look out for. So first on the cards has to be Avon's #1 choice for everyday beautiful hair. The advance TECHniques professional range has new new & improved premium packaging endorsed by New York Hair Experts. Often we use hair-care products without knowing the exact purpose. Well Shampoo is used to cleanse, repair & strengthen hair as well as remove unwanted build-up. Conditioner is used to reseal newly opened, cleaned follicles & treatments and masks should be applied 2-3 times a week to enhance the efficiency of the shampoo & conditioner. 

Avon Daily Shine Range- for dull/normal hair
This range is formulated with Multi-shine technology & moisturizing Pro vitamin B5 to leave hair with 200% more luminous shine for up to 3 days.

Avon Argan Oil- for dry hair
This range nourish, smooth & restructure dry damaged hair. These products are infused with Argan Oil + Pro vitamin B5 + vitamin E to combat frizz. Your hair will be 73% smoother & 93% more manageable.
Avon Supreme Oils- for dry hair
This range is formulated with Nutri-5 complex for salon- perfect hair, intensely nourished, healthy & incredibly soft hair from 1st use. This product includes 5 precious oils Macadamia oil, Camelia oil, Almond oil, Grape seed oil, & Marula oil.
Along with the Avon advance TECHiques hair range, Avon has now formulated a new & improved formula serum which is inspired by there Diamond Technology. This means that there hair serums now has added ingredients that nourishes the hair follicles to make it stronger. This new added benefit will help to make hair 5 x stronger. 

Avon sells 2 serums every minute making it the #1 hair care products in the Advance Technique range 
Avon's No 1 Tissue Oil
This fan favourite tissue oil has 7 skin transforming benefits:
-Reduces appearance of stretch marks
-Reduces appearances of scars
-Reduces the look of dark spots
-Reduces the look of discolourations
-Helps even skin tone 
-Softens and smooths
-Deeply moisturizes
Watch this space for the next insert on new Avon products as well as some of your favourite products that is just too good not to share. To view the catalog you can view brochure here: AVON E-Brochure

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