Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Easy tips for road-tripping

So I have just returned from a great road-tripping adventure from Cape Town to Namibia which was literally all planned in a matter of less than 2 weeks. Ill do a post about Namibia and various places to see in a separate post, just after this one. But in the meantime thought some easy to follow tips on road-tripping would come in rather handy too for those considering taking on the dust or tar road for an epic escapade on a short timeline... 
-Pack all of your power-banks. The road is long and nothing is more of a buzzkiller when you are out and about exploring and your phone dies on you. (No epic selfies for you...sorry!) On the newer model of cars there are more than one rechargeable port however on older cars there are merely one which are usually used to plug in the GPS so rather don't depend on that and bring along as many power banks as possible.

-Create a road-trip folder, which contains all the important information all in one place for referencing comfort, such as proof of payments documents when booking accommodations or a place to safe keep passports and other vital paperwork. Trust me this came in super handy when all documents are safely secured in one place.
-When road-tripping you have to keep in mind that it's a long road ahead which means keeping busy is absolutely inevitable. Make sure you take along a book to read, or a Ipad to play games or simply use as a GPS to navigate the road ahead. You would need to kill a couple of hours, trust me. I on the other hand took quiet a number of naps, so to prevent neck cramps, a travel pillow will do wonders.

-Ensure that when traveling to any African countries that you try and purchase a map within those places as we found that when we purchased a Namibian Map in SA it ended up not having all the road names printed which caused major confusion. 

-Snacks is an absolute must when it comes to road-tripping. Duh! Nibbling away on snack bars, nuts or biltong is just a must. However when roadtripping outside of SA and taking on the greater Africa sphere, fuel stations gets far less and few as you trek. Make sure you stock up when you do stop at a station and fill up your tank at every station as it would be a nightmare getting stuck without it in the middle of absolute no-where.

-Make sure that you are well stocked when it comes to toiletries and other necessities when road-tripping. Especially when the petrol stations in those rather abandoned dorpies doesn't have any toilet paper eeeek...or you have to pay a R2 or N$2 to use it.

- Camera is probably on top of this list. The best images are those taken in the moment and its an absolute bliss when you get to look back at where you have been to.

I am sure these few handy tips will make your road-tripping experience even more enjoyable, memorable and fun. Make sure to let me know if you have any epic tips to share, and Ill add it to this post to help and assist others.

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  1. These tips are awesome! I'll be taking a road trip this summer so I am already thinking about planning it perfectly. Thanks for the help!