Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Favourite 7 Lipsticks

So this is my first official beauty post for 2017 yay! I hope you find it useful, as I really wanted to share with you my favourite 7 lipsticks simply because I have so many lippies but end up only using the below ones on a REPEAT basis, which goes without saying how much I love them. Hope you find some of your favourites among-st the below list:
 Rimmel London- Provocalips 16HR 410- Not Guilty
Without a doubt this range of Rimmel Lipsticks is my absolute favourite due to it's amazing staying power. I have really put this product to the test a couple of months ago by seeing how long it last and I can literally apply it in the AM and at PM still have it perfectly intact. This lipstick does not rub off when drinking coffee so you can kiss those lipstick stains on the coffee cup goodbye. I love wearing this lipstick to events where I know I will be snacking or drinking while having to take pictures. It's an absolute lifesaver.
 Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 215- Shameless
I own this lipstick for more than a year and its by far my favourite deep dark matte colour. I can remember purchasing it with a friend in a twin pack whereby each of us got to have the same shade & after all this time I still carry it with me all the time. I love the mint/menthol scent of the lipstick and the fact that the shade is dark enough to look like black from afar, but is deep purple from up close. Such a win-win.
 Revlon Ultra HD Matte- Seduction
This matte lipcolor is close to empty as I probably use it the most due to the fact that it's such a stunning nude colour. I wear this lipstick on days where I do not want to look over the top or over done. Every girl has her offish days, where the no-make up/make up look is a must & can easily be achieved with this shade of lippie. This is however a liquid lipcolour, see below my favourite nude lipstick which I usually alternate with.
 Rimmel 51 Muse Red
Well a little bit of va-va voom never did anyone any harm & this Rimmel lippie is just perfect. When I found this shade of red, it was an absolute match made in heaven & the fact that it's part of the Kate Moss collection just made it so much more desirable.
 Avon Matte Splendidly Fuchsia
I own the entire Avon Matte collection range and I really like this shade the most. Its the perfect pop of pink and I really like the way this lipstick feels on my lips. I have heard reviews about this lipstick being drying to the lips, however I haven't experienced that. But then again I exfoliate my lips on regular bases in order to create better application and smooth application for all my lipsticks.
 Essence Matt- 02 Perfect Match
I recently found this Nude lipstick from Essence & I absolutely love it. It is such a smooth and creamy product however it has a matt finish when applied to the lip. The shade is really pretty and I find myself reaching for it all the time.
Catrice Velvet Matte Lipcream
This product has a velvety silk feel when applied and contains Vitaman E. This is probably the newest product to my collection but the colour is really pretty and has a different feel when on my lips. This product feels more like a light lip tint rather than a heavy matt lipstick product which is the best of both worlds.
I have swatched my favourite lip products so that you can easily see the colour pay off & texture of the product.
If you have a Lip product that you love and think that I should try it out, please leave the name in the comment space below and I'll definitely try it out.

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