Sunday, 8 January 2017

Haircare | StyleBar

So I have been doing my hair colour at StyleBar for as long as I can remember or it could be about 2 & a half years now if we're gonna be exact. I ended up at the StyleBar salon after a series of horrible experiences with wanting to be a Blondie so bad that another salon (which I prefer not to menthion) made my head a shade of bright canary yellow just to put it mildly. After the 4th visit to this "not to be mentioned" salon, they kept telling me it will look right EVENTUALLY while pocketing my money even though I was not happy at all with the results. Then on a completely random day at a Schwarzkopf launch event the StyleBar stylists could smell the desperation of how much I hated walking around with sunshine coloured hair & came to my rescue and like the story would go... it was happy ever after from there on.
After all this time with StyleBar I have managed to be platinum blonde, black, back to ash white, granny grey and even charcoal. Whatever my mood they just manage to get me what I want & even after cutting my hair short at a shoot. With the help of StyleBar we managed to get it growing again. A lot of people has asked me how I have managed to have my hair fall out completely with all these radical hair colour changes & my answer is simple. You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor, why go to an unqualified hairstylist?

The latest routine that we've have been following was doing highlights on my root area only so that that we don't over process the already lightened hair & then applying the my desired colour afterwards over my entire head. This time around my stylist used NAK structure complex on my hair along with Nak shampoo & conditioner. NAK products are my absolute favourite.

I have really curly hair, but absolutely love the way it looks when I do decide to blow-dry it straight once in a while. The BEST of both worlds of-course. If you are looking for a salon that's really good at colouring. You have to give StyleBar a try.

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