Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Road-tripping to Namibia

If you follow me on social media you would have seen my feeds based on a spur of the moment road trip that I took to Namibia. When I say spur of the moment I mean that trip was planned just under 2 weeks and we literally confirmed accommodations 3 days before starting this epic adventure. Ill try my best to give you as much detail as possible on the experience and what exactly when down.
We started our roadtrip the day after Christmas as we were spending it with our family based in Vredenburg which is about 137km from Cape Town, we literally woke up up at about 4am and started this whirlwind of a holiday. So as we departed Vredenburg we passed various dorpies such as Velddrift, Clanwilliam & Van Rhynsdorp etc. The distance between Vredenburg where we started and Vioolsdrift which was just outside the Namibian border was about 621km.
As we approached the Namibian border we had to fill in some paperwork & get our passports stamped which was a rather efficiency exercise and didn't take long at all. & just like like that we were on Namibian soil. You could almost immediately see the difference between the SA side & the Namibian side. SA's landscapes looks rather green and colourful whereby with Namibia you could almost instantly see the dust, gravel and rocky landscapes appear which was clearly an awesome change in pace. We drove from the border to the next stop Keetmanshoop which was a 306km we arrived on a public holiday and in turn most shops were closed and we struggled to find a place to eat. We then decided to drive to the fuel station for a quick bite at Wimpy. We then swiftly were on a way to our next stop which was Mariental and would be the place that we would stay over for the evening which were 231km away. The landscapes were really beautiful and the wildlife absolutely unreal. We arrived in Mariental at about 6pm and stayed over at Anandi Guest house for the evening, we were all so tired so we all relaxed and took a dip in the pool as the weather was rather humid but totally delightful.
The next day we were up early again had breakfast and hit the road again. We filled up the vehicle at the fueling station and off we went to our next stop which is about 268km away, Windhoek. Here we decided to spend about 2 days and stayed over at the Klein Windhoek Guesthouse. One of the first things we knew we wanted to explore was the National Independence Museum. I was quite keen to learn about Namibia's history and everything the country went through to get liberated. One of the most interesting things was learning about Sam Nujoma  which is a Namibian revolutionary, anti-apartheid activist and politician who served three terms as the first President of Namibia, from 1990 to 2005. He very much reminded me of our very own Nelson Mandela.
The museum was a must see and the best part was that it was absolutely free to view. The Christ Church was literally opposite the museum and is a historic landmark and Lutheran church in Windhoek, Namibia. The church was built following the wars between the Germans and the KhoikhoiHerero, and Ovambo. The foundation stone was laid on 11 August 1907, while on 16 October 1910 the church was officially dedicated. It was originally known as the Church of Peace.

The next stop was definitely The National Botanic Garden which is a 12 hectare nature reserve in the heart of the City of Windhoek, where you can see and learn about Namibia's fascinating plants.

We then hit the road again & off we were to Swakopmond which is 353km away, which is known as a Beach Resort & an example of German colonial architecture & Walvis bay which is 41.6km away. The main feature absolutely has to be the fact that this is where desert and the ocean actually meet. You have to see it for yourself in order to comprehend the full extend of the beauty. When we arrived we literally sat along the lagoon in Walvis bay, which was so tranquil and beautiful.

We then got the privilege to climb Dune 7 which is the highest dune in the coastal region and a huge tourist attraction in Walvis Bay. It was so much fun, we literally walked up the dune, and rolled down in the sand like kids It was really a different experience. Never the less everything was covered in sand even down to our underwear. This was so much fun.

The Namib Desert is one of the 500 distinct physiographic provinces of the South African Platform physiographic division. It occupies an area of around 80,950 km² (31,200 square miles), stretching from the Usiab River (north) to the town of L├╝deritz (south) and from the Atlantic Ocean (west) to the Namib Escarpment (east). However this time around our epic 6 day adventure had come to and end and we now had to drive back to SA. There were some awesome places that I didn't get to see due to the time constraints but I would definitely do it again. But for now we have to drive 1832.3km back to Cape Town.

What did you get up to this festive season? 
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  1. Wow looks cool I've actually never been to Namibia before

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Oh wow, that is incredible! Not only do you look beautiful but you were able to see some truly incredible sights! So glad you were able to visit.