Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Avon: Clearskin Professional

I am always keen to try out new skin care products as one specific product doesnt always work for everyone hence, it's usually a trail and error exercise. I was really excited when I received the Avon Clearskin Professional products as I already use all of their cosmetic products and so trilled to see what they came up with, with this specific range.
The range consist of 3 specific products which is the Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub, Liquid Extracter strip & the Daily correcting lotion. I am a huge fan of scrubs and masks and this specific one is no different. When applying the Deep pore scrub you can instantly smell the delightful mint scent & when applied to the skin there you can feel a rather menthol tingle. I literally kept the product on for about 3 minutes and then rinsed off with luke warm water. I must say that I am alternating between the scrub and the liquid extracter strip and whichever product i'm using I complete with using the Daily correcting lotion. The feeling on your face is so refreshingly clean.
The Liquid extractor is by far one of my favourite products simply because you apply it to your face as a gel form, avoiding the delicate eye area and then wait for the product to dry completely. Once the product is completely dry and no sticky residue is left behind you can start peeling off the product. This process does have a rather satifying and ouch feeling/component to it. I must say applying it around the nose and chin area it really feels amazing as you can actually feel it working and removing the durt and grime. However around the cheek area it does feel a little bit ouch! But never the less I would rather opt using it on probelmatic areas such as nose and chin.
After all the heavy duty scrubbing and extracting this dailly correcting lotion is such a soft soothing feeling. I am literally using it everyday as a basic face lotion. The entire range is really affordable and ranges from about R59 each which is such a steal. Click the Avon brochure here to order.

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