Monday, 6 February 2017


February’s #FreshBreathQuest has begun & live on from today. How fresh is your oral care knowledge? Take the Sunstar GUM Fresh Breath Quest (#FreshBreathQuest) this February to find out. There are prizes worth over R15, 000 up for grabs and for every person that completes the quest, Sunstar GUM will donate a toothbrush to Operation Smile South Africa. Click here to enter!
The main prize, valued at R10, 000, includes a Tsogo Sun mini-break (worth up R7, 000) and an oral care kit worth R3, 000. There are also 10 Sunstar GUM fresh breath kits available (worth R539 each), packed with innovative Sunstar GUM oral care products for fresh breath and a healthy smile.

To enter, go to from 1 to 28 February 2017. Terms and conditions apply.
An effective daily oral care routine will help prevent bad breath.
  • Brush correctly twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Use an egg-timer, stopwatch or the Philips Sonicare powerbrush, which has a a built-in timer, to make sure you brush for the required time. Hold the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to clean gently under the gum line. Don’t brush too hard as this can damage gums. Use a soft, small toothbrush and replace it at least every three months.
  • Clean in-between the teeth. It is essential to remove plaque where brushing does not reach, as this is where bad breath can start.
  • Clean your tongue. Professor Mel Rosenberg says the back of the tongue is the most frequently overlooked source of bad breath. “In about seven out of ten cases halitosis is caused by bacteria breaking down postnasal drip, food debris and cells accumulated on the tongue. The back of the tongue provides ideal conditions for the bacteria that cause bad breath to thrive after. He recommends using a tongue scraper to gently sweep the mucus and debris away.
  • Get professional. Visit the oral hygienist every 6 months.
Other tips to help maintain fresh breath:
  • Eat a wholesome breakfast in the morning
  • Chew sugar-free gum after meals or when the mouth is dry to stimulate saliva flow
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain good hydration
I am really excited to try out the Sunstar GUM ‘fresh breath kit’, which contains a GUM Technique Plus toothbrush, GUM Original White toothpaste, GUM Original White flos, GUM Easy Flossers x 30,  GUM Soft-Picks Advanced, GUM Flosbrush Automatic, GUM Tongue Cleaner & GUM Original White mouth rinse!


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